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1. When you open an existing report in design view, the default page that is displayed is the Report Page. The vertical bar in the center is the Explorer Bar

2. First create a separate Prompt Page where you will place the Value Prompt. Hover your mouse over the Page icon on the Explorer Bar, the Page contents will "fly out" to the right. Click "Prompt Pages".

3. In the Insertable Objects pane, double click the Page icon. A new "Prompt Page 1" will appear under the Prompt Pages folder on the right. Double click "Prompt Page 1".

4. You will be brought to the Work Area of the new Prompt Page. Notice the Tool box is the default in the Insertable Objects pane.

5. Either double click the Value Prompt item or drag it to the white work space area on the right. The following "Choose Parameter" dialog box will open. Change the name of the new paramater from the default (Parameter1) to something more meaningful. In this case, we are building a prompt for term code, so we will change the new parameter name to SEL_TERM. Click Next.

6. In the Create Filter dialog box, ensure that "Create a parameterized filter" is selected, and then beside "Package item", click the ellipsis (...)

7. Expand the package that contains the item that you would like to filter. In this case it is the ACADEMIC_PERIOD. Select the item, then click OK.

8. Click Next.

9.  You will be brought to the "Populate Control" dialog box. The default name given to the query is Query2. Change the name to something more meaningful such as SEL_TERM_QUERY. Then click the ellipsis to the right of "Values to use"

10. We will change this so that the drop down prompt uses an item from a validation table. The validation tables are referred to as List of Values (LOV) tables within packages and are designed to filter data. In this case the item is Academic Period LOV.VALUE.

11. After you have selected the value to use, click the ellipsis to the right of "Values to display".

12. Expand the package that contains the LOV item you would like displayed in the drop down list of the prompt. Again, in this case it is Academic Period LOV.VALUE. Select the item, then click OK.


13. Click Finish

14. You will now see the prompt in the Work Area on the right. If you would like, give the prompt page a title by using the "Double click to edit text" feature.

15. Run the report. The Prompt Page will appear first with the value prompt you just created.

What's the orange asterisk, arrow, and dotted line all about?

The asterisk next to each prompt means it is required.  The arrow means you must select or type a value. If you type an incorrect value, a dotted line appears (it also appears before you select a value). You can choose whether to show the asterisk and arrow for each prompt.  The dotted line (and prompt name) can only be removed via javascript.  See the Tip on Removing Asterisks and Arrows from Prompts for instructions.










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