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Student Testimonials

"The most valuable lesson in how I learned that a sustainable future...needs to be technologically, economically, scientifically, politically and culturally feasible....Because I am not able to specialize in engineering, biology, government, economics and sociology all at the same time, I now realize the importance of having enough specialized knowledge [and] being able to collaborate with people in different fields."

–Mai Kobayashi '06

"Tromping through the underbrush, taking notes under the shelter of a tree in a rainstorm, looking up from my measurements to see a bear wandering among the trees—this is how to learn not just about ecology, but about your place in the world. It was immediately obvious when I left the classroom and spent time in these woods that the narrow disciplines we peg ourselves to have very little application to how forests really work. I am a biology student, but in order to study how water comes into this forest, as I did for my thesis, I worked with faculty and students from the engineering, biology, geology and statistics departments at Smith."

–Alex Webster '08

"Syndey Noa Bobrow Summer at Smith participant 2013I learned a considerable amount of information about ecological and environmentally-friendly landscape and building design, on how to support sustainable food sources, and on current national and global environmental issues, such as food security versus food insecurity...I hugely appreciated the experiential learning in Field Studies and the opportunity to explore sustainable practices with a group of passionate and empowered young women dedicated to seeking solutions and practices to ensure a more sustainable future for the environment."

–Sydney Noa Bobrow '13