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Student Testimonials

All of the girls who participated in the 2011 SSEP reported satisfaction with the program. Here's some of what past participants had to say:

"I wasn't sure that I would be happy at an all-girls program, but it wasn't long before I had to remind myself that the environment wasn't a typical one. I had a blast at SSEP, and I learned so much."

"I thought it was a great balance of fun and learning, and it is such a diverse program that anyone can find her place in the SSEP."

"SSEP allows girls to meet other girls who are equally as into science, and it provides a great opportunity to work with professors who are excited to share what they know."

"What's not to like? Awesome people, awesome classes, awesome activities....It's all amazing."

"Smith has such a beautiful campus!"

"The classes were great. Everyone I met was extremely nice (especially the teachers)...even the food was good and that's rare!"

"At the SSEP you meet the best people from all over the world."

"The SSEP was so beneficial when it comes to learning about your interests, college, and possible careers."