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Smith precollege programs offer diverse programs for high school girls who want to pursue their academic interests in and out of the classroom, strengthen their college applications and meet other motivated and ambitious college-bound young women.

Designed by Smith's own professors and staff, the engaging curricula will give you a taste of Smith's outstanding programs. Along with incorporating interactive components and challenging materials, your learning experience will earn you a recommendation from a Smith professor to use in your college application process.

Outside of the academic programs, we offer fun activities for our participants, including a talent show, bowling, and weekly movie nights! See our Summer Events Calendar (PDF)

2015 Summer Programs

The Summer at Smith 2015 programs described here are accurate; however, please be advised the website is continually updated.

The Smith College Summer Science and Engineering Program (SSEP) for high school girls is a 24-year-old program for young women interested in science—both biomedical and public health—and engineering. These young women, 40 percent of which are girls of color, are given the opportunity to live on campus at Smith College for four weeks in the summer and engage in hands-on, experiential learning with top-notch instructors.

Field Studies for Sustainable Futures is a program for the environmentally conscious woman. Participants in this program are given the opportunity to learn about sustainable living, environmental science and environmental policy in a hands-on, interactive, project-based manner.

Hidden Lives: Discovering Women's History is a training ground for future women's history buffs. This program allows high-school-aged girls to explore 19th- and 20th-century women's history topics such as how students in the late Victorian era constructed themselves as "college women," a new social category that challenged conventional expectations regarding femininity, and the life and times of renowned poet (and Smith student), Sylvia Plath. Participants will gain archival research skills, while learning about both familiar and undiscovered heroes in women's history. Come discover the history lover in you!

Young Women's Writing Workshop is a varied writing workshop for high school girls that focuses on the following topic areas: food writing, poetry, creative writing, creative fiction, and reporting and writing for the radio, just to name a few. Participants are given the chance to work with published authors, lay the groundwork for a strong writing portfolio, and learn the steps involved in becoming a published writer. Smith produces great writers! Check out the student testimonials to learn how this past summer's students improved their craft at Smith!