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Mackenzie, 16

Orange, CT

Young Women's Writing Workshop

"Brilliant professors, small classes and passionate students created a phenomenal learning experience."

One of the things I love most about Smith is its emphasis on writing well. As an aspiring writer and English teacher, I knew Smith would be the ideal place to go for a writing program.

Smith's program helped me become a better writer and reader. My professors taught me so much—skills I've continued to develop since leaving. Their discussion-based classes and workshops helped us work together and learn from one another. They also cared about us individually, giving us personal attention outside of class.

Outside of class, I made some of my fondest memories. In the dining room, we pushed tables together to fit our ever-expanding group of friends. We took afternoon trips to get Herrell's ice cream and go shopping. We watched movies, had spa nights and sang karaoke in the evenings. We played Pajamagrams in the foyer of our house before bed. We smiled when we said good night because we could make the next day even better than the last. Summer at Smith was one of the best experiences of my life.

Jennie, 17

Yardley, PA

Young Women's Writing Workshop

"My summer at Smith awakened the lioness that has for so long been hibernating within me."

I fell in love with Smith when I first stepped onto campus for a tour. I got a postcard notifying me of the precollege programs and I jumped at the chance!

None of the programs screamed my name, but I decided to apply to the writing workshop, honestly stating in my application that I would do any program just to be at Smith, but at least with writing I could find a new form of expression. It was the best decision I have ever made.

In my two classes, my mind was exposed to new ways of observing human interaction and incorporating that into my work, studying artwork and using it as inspiration for a poem, enhancing the good instead of eliminating the bad and finding the writer inside of me.

Outside of class, I learned how to salsa dance one night and about the publication process the next, in addition to constantly being surrounded by empowered women. The friendships I made are the foundations of who I am today. The women I met were the most supportive, encouraging, compassionate people I have ever had the fortune of encountering.

Ioanna, 15

Thessalonica, Greece

Field Studies For Sustainable Futures

"The program stimulated me, shocked my spirit and strengthened my personality. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything else."

I chose the field studies program because I want to know more about the environment and how I can help make changes to help future generations.

I believe this special program at Smith helped me grow as a person and created a path for me to explore my thoughts and unanswered questions about sustainability, and how we can change our lives to help the planet. It also gave me the amazing opportunity to meet new friends and work with other students in such a beautiful, warm, friendly and safe environment.

Beyond simply being fun, the program taught me many skills and expanded my knowledge about current affairs and the world around us.

Sydney, 17

Putney, VT

Field Studies for Sustainable Futures

"I hugely appreciated the experiential learning and the opportunity to explore sustainable practices with a group of passionate and empowered young women."

I am a pianist, a photographer, a poet and an outdoor enthusiast. I had been thinking about applying to and attending Smith College for as long as I can remember. When I discovered that Smith offered precollege summer programs for high school girls I was immediately interested, and because I enjoyed it so much my first summer, I came back for another summer!

The program promoted thinking and acting beyond "green." I learned a considerable amount of information about ecological and environmentally friendly landscape and building design, on how to support sustainable food sources, and on current national and global environmental issues, such as food security versus food insecurity.

We traveled from Smith's campus to permaculture gardens at private homes and the UMass Amherst campus, the MacLeish Field Station and to Zoar Outdoor, where we engaged in a thrilling three-hour zip line canopy tour.

Joanna, 16

Thessalonica, Greece

Summer Science and Engineering Program

"I learned a great deal about biology and genetics, but I also learned how to work in a lab with others, have fun and be confident. It was a life-changing experience."

Smith's SSEP was a great fit for me because I really enjoy biology and genetics. I also loved the idea of a science and engineering program just for girls.

The whole experience was incredible. The campus was huge and beautiful, but what I enjoyed the most was the sense of community I felt. It wasn't just the great facilities available to all the students, but also the people who work on campus who were more than happy to help me and any other newcomer.

I took two biology-related courses. During the first course, I got the opportunity to collect samples for an investigation from a nearby forest. I had never done this before, and it was such a wonderful experience. For the second course, I had to sample cells and look at my very own chromosomes.