Recent STRIDE Student-Faculty Projects

Recent STRIDE Student-Faculty Projects

Recent STRIDE Student-Faculty Projects

Studying thought by tracking and measuring eye gaze (psychology)

High speed and time-lapse photography (physics)

Researching and creating an online proverb database (computing and the arts)

Mortal dilemmas: death and dying in America (anthropology)

Conceptions of human will and ethics in medieval European philosophy (philosophy)

Translating tradition into popular culture (East Asian studies)

Sloths, anteaters and armadillos of South America (biological sciences)

Processing and researching a collection of 150 psychedelic posters from the late 1960s and early 1970s (Museum of Art)

Development of a recreational bike path to extend from the Smith campus into neighboring communities (landscape studies)

Examining documents from “underground” cultures and political groups, 1945 to present (American studies)

Researching official relations between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party during World War II (government)

Lab analysis of rock samples collected from western Newfoundland (geosciences)

Research on group learning (education and child study)

Investigating questions about the life, work and mental health of Virginia Woolf (psychology)

Developing a religious literacy program at Smith and researching the history of religious diversity in western Massachusetts (religious life)

Concept of free will and the evolution of the concept of happiness in medieval philosophy (philosophy)

Assisting in the development of exhibitions at the Botanic Garden

Exploring how plants produce spirals in numbers that belong to the Fibonacci sequence (biomathematics)