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Have your voice heard some place other than at the water cooler!

Staff Council members take pride in listening to one another and they know how to get the word out to all members of the college. Participating in change is empowering and constructive and communication is what Staff Council is all about. Even if you are not an elected member, you can still be an important part of Staff Council, as your input makes the Staff Council stronger and more effective.

Share Ideas

Contact any member of Staff Council. Contact us if you have any questions about what the council does, or if you feel there is an issue the council should address.

Attend a Meeting

Attend a Staff Council meeting. Meetings are open to all staff. See first-hand what we do and how we do it. See Meetings & Minutes for scheduled meetings.

Join a Committee

Join a standing committee. You do not have to be a Staff Council member to participate on a committee.

Run for Election

Run for election to the Staff Council. Each Staff Council representative serves a two-year term and, each year, half of the council stands for election.

College release time is available to Staff Council members to take part in monthly and special meetings.