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Curriculum Objectives
Course Requirements
Developing the Thesis Project
Human Subjects Review
Implementing and Completing the Study
Writing the Thesis Report
Thesis Submission
List of Appendices
Thesis Guidelines

600 - Implementing and Completing the Study

600.1 - Implementing the Study Plan

Once your thesis proposal and human subjects review materials have been approved, the actual study can begin. A schedule for completing the work must be developed, and a schedule for submission of thesis chapters describing the results of work done must also be developed within the parameters set by the requirements. See section 200.1 - Major Deadlines.

600.2 - Research Advising During the Summer Session

Students who have met the May deadline may continue with their assigned advisor to completion of the thesis. By the May deadline, students are expected to have completed the bulk of the thesis, operationalized as advisor approved drafts of the introduction, literature review, methodology, findings. There should be only minimum to moderate work remaining for the discussion chapter and formatted references. Students who have not met the May deadline enter post-residency status. There are no extensions. No summer advising will be offered to post-residency students.

600.3 Sample Pages and Forms

(See Thesis Guidelines Appendices on Moodle's Thesis Advising Resource page)


Updated 6/9/15