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Summer Information

Spirituality IN ACTION Group

Date, Time, and Location TBD
This group invites students who are interested in any or all of the following categories:

The goal of the group will be twofold; first, to provide a forum for spiritual support and capacity building for group participants; and second, to be a center for psycho spiritual response to campus issues that arise for social work students during summer academic session. For example, if students are encountering issues of social justice or trauma that effect their community directly they may want to use this group as a forum for planning a response (ritual, dialogue session, multifaith service) which can help to mobilize and comfort others in addition to being a forum for support for themselves. Each session will include quiet meditation and a simple opening ritual, time for discussion, and a particular topic which will be decided upon through collaboration between students and facilitator.

Letter of Introduction to the SSW/Center for Religious Life and Spirituality Collaboration (word doc)

Why Might I seek Interfaith Pastoral Care While at the SSW? (word doc)