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Event Space Reservation Information

Reserving a Space for your event

Spaces in King/Scales
The living rooms and study rooms may be reserved for meetings. These rooms may be used for meetings with meals. To reserve one of these meeting rooms, contact Michele Bala at When meetings take place in living rooms and study rooms, please pick up your meal in the dining room and carry it to your meeting place. When you are done, all dishes should be returned to the designated area in the dining room.

Spaces other than in King/Scales
If you are not using King/Scales, you will need to reserve your space through 25Live. You can find 25Live at; log into 25Live using your Novell username and password. (You can access three videos that explain how to use 25Live here.)

Important Reminders about 25Live
(please read very carefully)

Space Reservation Policies

Other Important Event Information

If you encounter a problem or if there is an urgent issue, please contact call Madelyn Neely at x7983 or by email at