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Summer Information

Anti-Racism Commitment
Roadmap of Activities and Classes

The School for Social Work has made a commitment to becoming an anti-racism institution. Every summer there are specific events and activities for students, faculty and staff, as well as mandated course content in pursuit of this agenda. There are also standing committees responsible for furthering the anti-racism commitment.

Activities and Classes: Summer 2013

Anti-racism Orientation

Describes the history of the commitment, how it is manifested, associated goals, and the SSW organizations focused on anti-racism issues; discusses having conversations about race and racism in class and on campus. (During entering M.S.W. Sunday, June 2, student orientation.)

Anti-racism Content in First-Year Courses

First Year Practice and Groupwork have specific readings and exercises that respond to issues of racial identity and intergroup processes and dynamics. The foundational policy course considers the impact of racism on the delivery of social services and the community practice course has a section on racism in the community. The Sociocultural Concepts course examines many aspects of social identity and social oppression.

Faculty Pedagogy and Diversity Workshops

Meetings are held weekly each term for any faculty members to process issues of race, racism, diversity and pedagogy in the classroom.

Anti-Racism Lecture

Race and Racism In Clinical Practice on June 24th from 7:30-9:00pm. This panel brings together a group of Smith College School for Social Work graduates to discuss how they put antiracism work into action in a clinical context. Panelists include: Enroue Halfkenny, LCSW; Arden O'Donnell, LICSW; and Elizabeth Rodriguez-Keyes, LCSW. We are also pleased to welcome Michael Funk, Ph.D. back as a facilitator for this panel.

Lecture attendance is mandatory for first-year students and open to the entire SSW community.

Racism Course

Required second-year course that focuses on racism in the United States and the implications for social work practice.

Bertha Reynolds Fellows

We have on campus two Senior Bertha Reynolds Fellows who will help us in a variety of ways with our anti-racism commitment.

Ongoing Anti-Racism Organizations