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Summer Information

All Ph.D. Students Central Check-In & Orientation Schedule

(Times and events are subject to change - updates will be available on Check-In day.)

Thursday, May 30

Dorms Open and there is no programming on this day.
12:00—1:00p.m. Sandwich Buffet Lunch for on-campus students, King/Scales
1:00—4:00 p.m. Key pick-up at Seelye Hall, first floor
5:30—7:00 p.m. Dinner for on-campus students, King/Scales

Friday, May 31

Arrive between
1st summer Ph.D. Students
*Mandatory Check-In, Seelye Hall, first floor
Arrive between
11:00 a.m.—
3:30 p.m.
2nd and 3rd summer Non-Cleared Ph.D. Students
*Mandatory Check-In, Seelye Hall, first floor
11:00 a.m.—
12:00 p.m.
Welcome Booth for First Year Ph.D. Students, Seelye Lawn
12:00— 2:00 p.m. 1st summer Ph.D. students
*Co-Directors' Orientation to the Program, Scales House Study Room
3:10—4:10 p.m. 1st summer Ph.D. students
*Technology Resources Orientation, Stoddard Hall, G2
4:20—5:20 p.m. 1st summer Ph.D. students
Library Services Orientation, Neilson Browsing Room
5:30 Dinner
King/Scales Dining Room
(open to those with meal plans)

Saturday, June 1

1:30—5:30 p.m. *Anti-Racism/Diversity Training, mandatory for 1st summer Ph.D. students, Lilly Hall 3rd Floor Conference Room
7:00 p.m. Doctoral student meeting (student planned event)

Sunday, June 2

11:00 a.m.—
1:00 p.m.
Brunch for all doctoral students with Co-Directors at Kathryn Basham's house.
4:00 p.m.
Key pick up, Seelye Hall, first floor
2:00—4:00 p.m. Central Check-In for “Cleared” 2nd and 3rd summer students, Seelye Hall, first floor
4:15 - 5:15 p.m. *Convocation, Wright Hall, Weinstein Auditorium
5:30 p.m. All Campus BBQ, King/Scales Dining Hall
* Attendance Mandatory