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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 9/23/13


99 Number

Do I have a 99 number?

Your 99 number is your Smith College identification number and can be found on your OneCard if you have one. If you do not know your 99 number, please contact the Office of Academic Support Services at New instructors will visit the OneCard Office once they arrive on campus for the summer to obtain a card. More OneCard information will be found in the "Almost Everything Booklet" that will be sent to you via email at the end of April.

What does this 99 number do for me?

Your 99 number and password gives you access to BannerWeb, from which you will access your class lists, photos of your students, and the required narrative evaluations. When OAS sends you your 99 number (if you are new to the system), your password will default to "schr" and the last four digits of your Smith ID number (e.g. schr1111). It is highly recommended that you access BannerWeb upon receipt of the information, change your password to something you can remember, and update your Emergency Contact information. If you have trouble accessing your BannerWeb account, please contact Human Resources at (413) 585-2260.

Email Account

Do I have a Smith email account?

Yes. All full-time and adjunct instructors are given a Smith Mail account. This account is generated after you've submitted the personal information questionnaire and human resources has generated your 99 number.

When/how do I receive my username/password?

New instructors will receive their usernames/passwords from the Office of Academic Support Services in late March/early April. If you are a returning instructor and you don't remember your username/password, please contact the User Support Center via email at requesting your username and password.

How do I access my Smith email?

Smith Mail is available from the main Smith College website,, and from most pages of the School for Social Work website.


How do I obtain Moodle access?

You will automatically obtain access to Moodle once all of your employment paperwork has been processed. To access Moodle, go to and log in with the same username and password you use for your Smith email account. (Links to Moodle can be found on the Smith College website.) If you do not know your Smith Mail username and password, please contact our User Support Center via email at

When will my class page be available to me on Moodle?

You should be able to view your Moodle course page(s) by the end of April. The Office of Academic Support Services will send all faculty an email notification when Moodle pages are ready to be viewed. Once the Moodle pages have been created, your syllabus and e-reserve readings will be posted in the order in which they were received. Please do not post your syllabus or required readings to your Moodle page, as this will be completed by the faculty services coordinator and library staff.

Can I have access to last year's readings?

If you taught a course last year, you can access its Moodle page through These courses will be hidden from students at the end of the third week in April, but they will remain accessible to faculty. If you are new to the school or if you are teaching a class for the first time, please contact your sequence chair and request the username/password to gain access to the Moodle pages within your sequence.

Will I always have access to past years' courses that I've taught?

We keep courses accessible on Moodle for two years. If you would like to reuse information from a previous year's Moodle page, please make sure you have it on your computer. If you do not still have your original copy, you can save it to your computer from the old Moodle page.

Can I post readings to Moodle? What if I post links to readings that are available for free online?

Due to copyright restrictions, please check with the faculty services coordinator in the OAS before posting any copyrighted material, including articles, music, images and video and consult the college's copyright rules. Readings posted by the library for past courses should not be moved by instructors to current year pages, as copyright permissions are only good for one year.

Library Access

When will I have access to the library for borrowing privileges?

Summer 2013 adjuncts who have been rehired for Summer 2014 continue to have borrowing privileges via their OneCards. This includes on-site borrowing of Smith and Five College materials. The library regrets that it cannot mail any materials to adjuncts who do not reside locally.

New hires: you will need a OneCard for borrowing privileges; see above under "99 Numbers" for more information.

When will I be able to use online Library resources?

As long as you have a Novell/Smith Mail login and password, you'll have access to the library's online resources.

When do my library privileges expire?

If the sequence chair indicates to the Office of Academic Support Services that they intend to rehire you for Summer 2014, your borrowing privileges will continue through July 1, 2015. If the chair indicates that you will not be rehired for Summer 2014, the library will deactivate your OneCard and, if necessary, request that any borrowed materials be returned. Note that residents of nearby counties can purchase a borrower's card for $30/ year.