APRIL 2011

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Office of the Dean

The Office of the Dean would like to stress that students are welcome and encouraged to use this vehicle to post items that are relevant to their class or to the entire student body. (As with the summer version of the Bulletin, notices of a personal nature will not be accepted - this includes notices regarding housing, employment, non-SSW events, rides, or personal items for sale.)

Deadlines and Issue Dates

April 19 April 14
May 3 April 28

Planning for Summer Events

If you are planning any orientation or welcoming events for the first weekend on campus, remember to submit your space requests and ESRs via our online forms.

Space requests



Upcoming Deadlines for Field and Other Departments

APR 20 Abstract and Final Report on Community Practice Project due to CPPA (1st year students) and abstract only to Field Department MSW students
APR 29

Last Day of Field Internship - deadline for all Field paperwork

Students who have not completed ALL of their paperwork (except thesis) by this date will note be allowed to enter the summer academic term.

ALL Students (MSW and Adv. Standing)
  Anti-racism project report due to Field Department and FFA MSW 2nd year students
  Student evaluation on the field agency due to Field Department and FFA MSW 1st and 2nd year students
  Group Placement Description Form due to Field Department (2 copies) MSW 1st and 2nd year students
  Evaluation of Faculty Field Advisor due to Field Department (2 copies) MSW 1st and 2nd year students
  Evaulation of Community Practice Project Advisor due to Field Department (2 copies) MSW 1st year students
MAY 10 Monthly Narrative & Statistical Report Due to FFA 1st and 2nd yr MSW students, all Adv. Standing students
MAY 13 Thesis data collection deadline Adv. Standing students
  Interim Thesis Deadline - bulk of thesis submitted to RA MSW 2nd year students
MAY 20 Deadline for receipt of all required materials by the Financial Aid Office to be cleared for Sunday check-in 2nd & 3rd summer MSW and all Adv. Standing students
MAY 23-JUN 3 Spring break Adv. Standing students
MAY 25 Date on which all 2nd and 3rd summer MSW students and all Advanced Standing students will be notified by the Field Department and the Financial Aid Office if they are cleared or not cleare to check in on Sunday, June 5. 2nd & 3rd summer MSW and all Adv. Standing students


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Spring Planning Guide Online - Returning Students

We would like to remind you that the Spring Planning Guide is now online and contains many important dates and deadlines, including information about Central Check-In and Sunday Check-In.

Courses Linked to Moodle - All Students

Your summer 2011 courses will be linked to Moodle around the second week in May. SSW Moodle instructions in TARA, developed specifically for SSW students, can be found on the For Current Students page, which you should bookmark for future reference.

99 Number - 2nd & 3rd Summer Students

Please include your student ID (99) number with all correspondence with the school, including voice mail messages. Since there may be several students, past and present, with the same name, including your 99 number ensures that any requests for address changes, waivers, information, registration requests, etc., are completed for you in a timely and accurate manner.

2010 Moodle Courses - Returning Students

This is a reminder that last summer's courses will be deactivated in Moodle at the end of the third week of April. Please plan accordingly.

Server Status

Please bookmark the following url for reference when the BannerWeb or other systems appear to not be working: http://www.smith.edu/status/. We have found that power outages and other situations beyond the control of SSW occur with some frequency during times when our students are using BannerWeb (usually on the weekend when no SSW staff are available). This ITS site is the best way to learn whether a technical problem you are experiencing is the result of an emergency technical situation.



Reminder about Mailings and Timelines from Financial Aid Office

Student bills are sent out monthly with the exception of May and August. (In May students are in transit and getting ready to come to SSW. In August, students are relocating to their field sites and addresses are being updated during this time.)


  Student bills for the 2011-12 academic year will be mailed. They will include tuition, room and board (if living on campus) and the student activity fee. The bills will also have credited the portion of your financial aid award for the first billing.


  The Financial Aid Office will begin processing Stafford and GRAD Plus loans through the federal government in late April, or beginning of May for those who have applied.



Thesis Deadlines - May 13


MAY 13 Thesis data collection deadline Adv. Standing students
MAY 13 Interim Thesis Deadline - bulk of thesis submitted to RA MSW 2nd year students





Study on Children of Russian-speaking Jewish Immigrants

From Marina Kantarovich

Hello fellow Smithies: I am conducting a research study that seeks to examine how children of Former Soviet Union Jewish emigres are affected by their parents' immigration experience. If you know of anyone who might be eligible for this study and would be interested in participating, please have them email me at mkantaro@smith.edu or call 510-418-7385.