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The Office of the Dean would like to stress that students are welcome and encouraged to use this vehicle to post items that are relevant to their class or to the entire student body. (As with the summer version of the Bulletin, notices of a personal nature will not be accepted - this includes notices regarding housing, employment, non-SSW events, rides, or personal items for sale.)

Deadlines and Issue Dates

November 30 November 23
January 4 December 21
February 1 January 27
March 1 February 24
April 5 March 31
April 19 April 14
May 3 April 28

Post-M.S.W. Fellowship in Clinical Social Work at UC Berkeley

The University Health Services at the University of California, Berkeley has announced their post-M.S.W. Fellowship for 2011-12. They are seeking 2 qualified applicants for this joint Fellowship in the Counseling and Psychological Services and Social Services units.

The Post-M.S.W. fellowship program is committed to providing a comprehensive training experience to support and facilitate the fellow's growth and development as a professional social worker. This program includes intensive supervision, didactic training seminars, mentorship, and a broad range of clinical, consultation and outreach experience.

QUALIFICATIONS: Applicants must have completed a Master's degree in Social Work prior to August 1, 2011 from an accredited training institution. Two years or more of supervised social work experience including direct clinical counseling experience is required.

APPOINTMENTS: The fellowshop is full time for 12 months beginning late August 2011. The stipend for the internship is $26,500. Medical insurance, vacation, sick leave, and professional development time are provided. Applications are due February 22, 2011.

Please see the University Health Service website for more details:



Upcoming Deadlines for Field and Other Departments

November 30 Deadline for post-resident students to apply for leave of absence in Winter Term II - request to Associate Dean MSW and Advance Standing (AS) students
December 3 Anti-Racism Project Proposal due to Field Department and FFA 2nd year students
  Issue-Oriented Field Report due to FFA AS Students
December 10 Monthly Narrative & Statistical Report due to FFA All 1st and 2nd year students; All AS
Mid-December Financial Aid Packets are mailed to all current students. If you do not receive one by January 15, please contact the Financial Aid Office All Students
December 20 Community Practice Project Monthly Progress Report due to CPPA 1st year students


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Important BannerWeb Changes Coming October 25

On Monday, October 25, the college implemented enhanced security procedures for BannerWeb, including new rules for creating BannerWeb PINs and new security questions. The first time you log in to BannerWeb after October 24, you will be required to follow a special procedure to access your account. We recommend that you go through this process soon so that you are not having to do it at a more stressful time. For more information and full instructions, see:

Syllabi on Moodle

At students' request, the Office of Academic Support Services, in conjunction with the Moodle Administrator, has created a Moodle page that contains pdfs of all course syllabi for Summer 2010. It can be found in Moodle under your course list and is called "SSW Syllabi - Summer 2010." We hope you find this useful.


Financial Aid Information - NEW

Just a reminder that Term 2 tuition bills will be going out on 12/17/10. Second loan disbursments and grants will be credited on these bills. Also, refunds for any excess monies from educational loans will be done for Friday, 12/10 or Friday, 12/17.

Reminder about Mailings and Timelines from Financial Aid Office

Student bills are sent out monthly with the exception of May and August. (In May students are in transit and getting ready to come to SSW. In August, students are relocating to their field sites and addresses are being updated during this time.)

On the horizon...


  Term 2 tuition bill goes out.
  2nd Stafford loan disbursement credited to student accounts.
  2nd half of school grant and loan credited to accounts.
  Refunds: over payments on student account will be directly deposited into your bank account if you have signed up for it. If not, a refund check will be mailed to the address currently on file in Banner.
  Financial Aid packets mailed to all returning students.




Interim Thesis Deadlines for the Class of 2011

The Thesis Guidelines has some interim deadlines that may help keep everyone on track. December 3, 2010 is an interim time line for revision or completion of the literature review and/or beginning of the methodology for empirical theses or the phenomenon and first theory chapters for theoretical theses.

January 28, 2011 is the deadline for the submission of the HSR application. Data collection should ideally be completed by the end of March. These interim deadlines were added in the spirit of keeping the work moving forward.


To the Class of A11 from Caitlin McInerney and Michelle Kaye: - NEW

Please take a few minutes out of your busy lives to complete a brief commencement survey. We know that it seems very far away, but as your class reps we have a lot of planning to do around commencement. The sooner we can get some simple things knocked out, the better. We will give you until January 1st to complete this survey. Once the results are tallied, we will be looking for volunteers to take ownership over some of these commencement-related tasks.