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This is the first SSW Bulletin of the 2010-2011 field placement period. The Bulletin issue dates and deadlines for submission are listed below. The Office of the Dean would like to stress that students are welcome and encouraged to use this vehicle to post items that are relevant to their class or to the entire student body. (As with the summer version of the Bulletin, notices of a personal nature will not be accepted - this includes notices regarding housing, employment, non-SSW events, rides, or personal items for sale.)

Deadlines and Issue Dates

September 28
September 23
October 26 October 21
November 30 November 23
January 4 December 21
February 1 January 27
March 1 February 24
April 5 March 31
April 19 April 14
May 3 April 28

Cash Prize for Second Year Social Work Students and for Grad Schools of Social Work

The Center for Clinical Social Work is pleased to announce a new cash award program for master's-degree programs in social work. The Howard D. Snooks Prize of $2000 will go to the master's program whose students submit the largest number of eligible papers in the Center's annual Judith Holm Memorial Awards contest.

The Holm Awards, also of $2000 each, go to second-year graduate students intending to become Clinical Social Workers. They compete on the basis of papers written about interventions from final-year field placements (see guidelines at ).

The Snooks Prize will be awarded on the basis of student participation.

The Snooks Prize is named for the long-time President of the Center's Board of Directors, Howard D. Snooks, M.S.W. '75, Ph.D. '92, B.C.D., of Boulder, Colorado.

Anti-Racism Task Force Work Groups Meeting

Saturday, October 23, 9am - 12pm (noon), Smith Club
From Susan Donner and Fred Newdom:
On the morning following Curriculum Day all of the Anti-Racism Task Force work groups that met this summer will meet from 9-12 (with lunch at 12) to continue to brainstorm about improving aspects of how we carry out our anti-racism mission. The goal of the morning will be to come up with recommendations for the dean and faculty.

Anyone who attends Curriculum Day or who is within driving distance may come to this morning meeting and participate in whatever group they wish. Though the groups have already done some work, additional students, faculty and staff are welcome. SSW will provide a continental breakfast (8:30-9:00am) and lunch, but not transportation or lodging expenses for this meeting.


A) Opportunities for sustained conversations about racism and for building the skills that make conversations productive.
B) Integrations of anti-racism material through the curriculum with continued thought to the theoretical models we use and how those assist us in the integration.
C) Orienting, preparing and conceptualizing for all students the meaning of our mission and normalizing what the process of living the mission is likely to be for different students and faculty. Works on our holding environment for the anti-racism mission.
D) Taking another look at the anti-racism mission statement (as other groups will in doing in anticipation of reaccreditation).


If you are planning to come to this meeting we will need to know ahead of time for planning purposes. Please let us know by October 13, 2010 by contacting Miranda Pierce, (413) 585-2769.


Upcoming Deadlines for Field and Other Departments

October 1 Proposal for Community Practice Project due to CPPA 1st year M.S.W. students
  Learning Contract due to Field Department and FFA All A.S. students
October 8 Learning Contract due to Field Department and FFA All 1st and 2nd year M.S.W. students
October 10 Monthly Narrative and Statistical Report due to FFA All 1st and 2nd year M.S.W. students;
All A.S. students
October 20 Community Practice Project Monthly Progress Report due to CPPA 1st year M.S.W. students
October 22 Thesis Proposal deadline to RA

2nd year M.S.W. students;
All A.S. students

October 22 Human Subject Review Planning form due to Laurie Wyman 2nd year M.S.W. students;
All A.S. students


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BannerWeb Log-In Process Changing

Please be aware that there is a change coming to the BannerWeb log-in process. Watch for more information that will be forthcoming in October.


Reminder about Mailings and Timelines from Financial Aid Office

Student bills are sent out monthly with the exception of May and August. (In May students are in transit and getting ready to come to SSW. In August, students are relocating to their field sites and addresses are being updated during this time).

On the Horizon...
SEPTEMBER - Health insurance charged to student accounts. Anyone who did not waive out of the plan by the August deadline will be automatically billed. Payment can be deferred until December, when loan funds come in.

Please remember to check your Smith email regularly.



Thesis Information for 2nd Year Students and Advanced Standing Students

For all 2nd-year students who are in the process of developing their research project, please refer to the following documents for important deadlines and information:

  Master's Thesis Guidelines, 2010-2011
  User's Guide for the Protection of Human Research Participants at Smith College School for Social Work, 2010-2011



  OCT 22 - Human Subjects Review Planning Form (Appendix A in the HSR User's Guide) due to Laurie Wyman
  OCT 22 - Research proposal due to Research Advisor


Need quantitative data analysis?
Based on your research proposal and on discussion with your research advisor, you should notify Marjorie Postal (Research Analyst) by OCTOBER 22 if you plan to use her services for quantitative data analysis.