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Community Practice Project

Coordinator of Community Practice: Fred Newdom

During the first winter field placement (session II for plan "A" MSW students), all students except those with advanced standing status develop a community practice project. The project builds and demonstrates knowledge and skills in organizational and community level social work practice. One-half day per week is allotted for this project.

The community practice project is designed to:

Preparation for the project begins with first summer courses, particularly "191 Agency and Community Practice." The community practice project has a faculty adviser who oversees the project. Students select one of three national issues, chosen annually by student poll, to work on in the community where they are placed. A local sponsor (usually an employee of the organization or agency in which the project is located) must agree to provide direct supervision of the project work. A final paper describing and analyzing the experience completes the project. Working in groups is encouraged but not required.

Examples of recent community practice projects

A Guidebook to Women's Health

Adolescent Health: Everybody's Business

Aiding Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children and their Families in New Hampshire

Assistance Dogs: Educating Health Care Professionals

Atlanta College of Art Alcohol Awareness Campaign

Banyan Tree: A community for Multicultural Arts and Healing

Campaign for Youth Violence: The Rising Levels of Youth Violence in the City of Springfield

Capitalizing on Community: Tenant Organizing in My Brooklyn Tenement

Club YouTHink: Helping Teens Explore Community Issues Through the Arts

Eastside Homeless Network Resource Development Project

Eating Healthy Food in School

Elder Abuse in New Canaan, Connecticut

ELDERSHINE: An Ongoing Mindfulness Meditation Program for Elderly, Low-Income, Residents of an Apartment Building in an African American Community in East Baltimore, MD.

Empowering Teen Mothers through Law Related Education: Teaching Life Skills and Creating Community Bonds

Enfield Community Partnership to Prevent Underage Drinking

Engaging Berkshire County Men in Violence Prevention

Fashion Bug: Challenging Sociocultural Ideals on the Effects of Body Image and Self-Esteem for Adolescent Girls

Growing Healthy Gardens

HIV/AIDS Psychoeducational Support Group

Improved Public Input for City and County Planning in North Carolina

Increasing Access of Emergency Contraception for Victims of Sexual Assault

Increasing College Student's Participation in the Mass Red Ribbon Ride

Leaders of Today Building Leaders of Tomorrow

Lesbian Health Online

Masks and Collages: Using Art as a Self-Expressive and Community Awareness Tool in Healing from Domestic Violence

Mobilizing the Latino Community in Western Massachusetts

Navigating Medicare D in Danbury

Painting My Future: Addressing the Needs of Cancer Patients and Survivors

Peer Based Substance Abuse Group

Prenatal Care for Pregnant Treens

Recruiting Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Donors in the Filipino Community

Refugee Narratives

School-Based Panel on Childhood Depression

Sex Education for Female Adolescents who are Labeled Emotionally Disturbed

Sexual Assault Centralized Report Form: Annual Report 2004, UMass Amherst

Shambala Meditation Program at Rhode Island's Adult Institution of Corrections

Suicide Awareness and Prevention Among College Students

Supporting Fort Myers Heights North Tenants' Right to Decent Affordable Housing

The "Awesome Kids Series" Book Project

The Healthy Youth Act

The Kick AIDS Karnival

The Louisiana Local Aid Project (LLAP): Gulf Coast Relief Efforts

The Needs of Black Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Men in Seattle: A Needs Assessment and Plan of Action

The Speak-OUT Teen Theater Troupe

Therapeutic Preschool: Finding Safe Harbor

Website and Newsletter Project with EmPOWERment, Inc.

Workshop Curriculum for Gay and Lesbian Parents of 1–3 Year Olds

Writing Our Stories: Self-expression, Homelessness and Community Growth

Young Mother's Society: A Psycho-educational Group of Teenage Mothers

Youth Task Force against Dating Violence