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september 2012

About the Bulletin

The Bulletin offers relevant notices, reminders, and deadlines for School for Social Work students. Students are encouraged to use the SSW Bulletin as a vehicle to post items that are relevant to their class or to the entire student body.

The Bulletin is updated weekly during the summer terms, and monthly throughout the fall and spring.

Next Submission Deadline: October 18


We would like to invite students to use this vehicle to post items that are relevant to their class or to the entire student body. Submission deadlines are listed below:

Submission Deadline
To Be Issued On
Oct 18
Oct 23
Nov 20
Nov 27
Dec 20
Jan 8
Jan 31
Feb 5
Feb 28
March 5
Mar 28
Apr 2
Apr 11
Apr 15
Apr 25
May 6


Deadlines & Important Dates

Due   Task Audience
Sep 4 - Apr 26   Field Internship 27-month students
Sep - Dec   553 Senior Integrative Seminar, 10 sessions (weekly evenings) AS* students
Sep 7   6th thesis deadline - all chapters but Discussion completed and submitted AS* students
Sep 10   Learning Contract revisited; one copy to FFA and one copy to SSW.
Monthly narrative and statistical report due to FFA
AS* students
Oct 5   Proposal for Community Practice Project due to CPPA 1st-yrs
    Issue Oriented Field Report to FFA AS* students
Oct 8   Learning Contract due to Field Dept. and FFA all 1st and 2nd yr students
Oct 10   Monthly Narrative and Statistical Report due to FFA 1st & 2nd yr students, AS* students
Oct 20   Community Practice Project Monthly Progress Report due to CPPA 1st yr students
Oct 26   Thesis Proposal deadline to RA 2nd yr students
    7th thesis deadline - call chapters submitted and approved; final editing to be done AS* students

* Advanced Standing

Human Subjects Review Committee - New Members

From David L. Burton, Chair of the Human Subjects Review Committee:
The HSR committee has recently added a number of members and now consists of Rachel Ebling, Ph.D., Michael Funk, Ph.D., Elaine Kersten, Ed.D., Lori Leistyna, B.A., Michael Murphy, Ph.D., Marsha Pruett, Ph.D., and continues to be chaired by Dr. David Burton with Dr. Pruett's close assistance. We continue to work collaboratively with the social work community to produce not only ethical, but also high quality research.

This summer Dr. Burton had the opportunity to meet with every MSW research class to review the HSR process and to meet with many master's and doctoral students to consult on their projects. We have also created a web page for our manual with some exemplar applications: http://smith.edu/ssw/acad_msw_hsr.php

This year will be continue to offer not only recommendations but also helpful suggestions to facilitate the process of research at the school. We are excited to start a new year. Please feel free to contact Dr. Burton at dlburton@smith.edu with any questions about the committee or about ethics around research in our community.

Deadline Reminder to Research Advisors and Thesis Students

Completion, submission and research advisor approval of the Thesis Proposal and the Human Subjects Review Planning form is required on or before Friday, October 26.

thesis information

Anti-Racism Thesis Topic

Looking for a thesis topic? Committed to dismantling institutional racism? Want your thesis to make a difference? Every two years Smith College School for Social Work produces a report on its progress towards realizing the SSW Anti-Racism Commitment. The Anti-Racism Task Force is looking for a student who would like to analyze the findings of SSW's Anti-Racism Commitment progress reports to help us chart the way forward. If interested, please contact Fred Newdom at fnewdom@smith.edu to discuss how this project could become a thesis.







The Bulletin will remain in place as the main vehicle for important reminders from the School. These additional channels will provide opportunities for our community to stay connected and engaged throughout the year.