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About the Bulletin

The SSW Bulletin is a monthly bulletin that includes all relevant notices and deadlines from SSW.

Students are welcome and encouraged to use the SSW Bulletin as a vehicle to post items that are relevant to their class or to the entire student body. See posting rules.

JUNE 20, 2011

Monday, June 20
Tuesday, June 21
Wednesday, June 22
Thursday, June 23
Friday, June 24
Saturday, June 25
Sunday, June 26
After June 26
Ongoing Meetings/Events
Announcements, Notices, Awards


Monday - June 20

Summer Lecture Series - Talking about Race and Racism: A Racial Dialogue - Anti-Racism Symposium

Monday, June 20, 7:30pm, Weinstein Auditorium
Panelists: Norma Akamatsu, M.S.W., L.I.C.S.W., Joshua Miller, M.S.W., Ph.D. and Patricia Romney, Ph.D.

This presentation will consider ways of having a multiracial discussion about race and racism by presenting multiple perspectives. This will be illustrated by an actual dialogue among the presenters, reflections on the dialogue by the presenters and the audience, followed by a dialogue among the audience with the presenters and one another. The presentation will conclude with the presenters highlighting critical points about what facilitates talking about race and racism. (Read full description.)

Library Sessions for SSW 160 (Social Policy)

Monday, June 20, 4:00pm -5:30pm, Neilson Library Classroom (first floor)

To students in 160 (Introduction to Social Policy): Library sessions meet in the classroom on the first floor in Neilson. If you have not yet registered, see sign-up sheets behind the reference desk in Neilson or send an email to Sika Berger.

Pedagogy and Diversity Seminars

Tuesday, June 21, 7:00-9:00pm, Seelye 101

Term 1 - Ann Marie Garran and Joshua Miller

Term 2 - Norma Akamatsu and Joshua Miller

The Pedagogy and Diversity Seminar seeks to support all faculty teaching at SSW by creating a space where professor can discuss how issues of diversity, social identity and social oppression influence their teaching, the classroom environment, student interactions, and the overall campus culture and climate. Pedagogy and diversity is a major vehicle for furthering the SSW's anti-racism mission statement by deepening the capacity of faculty to explore and develop their awareness and skills to manage the inclusion of this content while also processing issues that arise in the classroom. The seminar will include a mixture of discussion, problem solving, presentations, and exercises that will be developed by participants and the facilitators. The minutes of each pedagogy and diversity session are posted on Moodle and distributed to all SSW faculty for information and resource sharing, comment and dialogue. All who are teaching at SSW are welcome.

CEUS are available for this seminar. Faculty attending four of the five sessions will receive 10 CEUs at the end of the summer (upon completing an evaluation). We are happy to offer this at no cost to our wonderful adjunct faculty.

Tuesday - June 21

Job Search and Networking Techniques for Social Workers

Tuesday, June 21, 12:30-1:30pm, Cutter Living Room

All SSW Students are welcome to attend this informal session given by the Career Development Office. Feel free to bring your lunch!

LGBTQQIF Alliance General Meeting

Tuesday, June 21, 5:45-7:00pm, Ziskind Living Room

The Alliance is a welcoming space for the LGBTQ community and our allies at Smith SSW. All are welcome to join in as we build community, learn from one another and ourselves, and foster constructive action and dialogue. Feel free to bring your dinner!

Wednesday - June 22

Writing Workshop - Grammar, Punctuation and Mechanics Review

Wednesdays, June 15, 22, and 29, 12:30-1:30pm, Seelye 307

This three-session workshop will review common errors and stylistic dilemmas encountered by graduate-level writers through discussion and exercises. Participants should try to attend all three sessions.

To register for the workshop, please add your name to the sign up sheet outside the door to Seelye 307. Please feel free to bring your lunch!

Council for Students of Color Member Meeting

Wednesday, June 22, 5:45-6:45pm, Ziskind Living Room

Join us for our general meeting providing a space to be yourself for all students of color (both masters and doctoral levels). We are a support and advocacy group that wants to know now students of color are doing on campus. Feel free to bring your dinner and your kids. See you there!

Unlearning Racism Group

Wednesday, June 22, 5:45-6:50pm, Ziskind Parlor

The foundational principles of the group are an emotional space, mutual support and accountability around issues of race and racism. This group is open to the entire student body and has historically been a space for white students to unpack, share, and reflect on privilege and embedded internal racism.

Thursday - June 23

Friday - June 24

Shabbat Pot-Luck Dinner

Friday, June 24, 6:00-8:00pm, Ziskind Living Room

Come join the Jewish Student Alliance (JSA) for a relaxing and yummy pot-luck Shabbat dinner! All students and faculty are welcome. Please bring a food item of your choice to share with the group.

Saturday - June 25

Students with Children Get-together

Saturday, June 25, 10:00am, meet in front of Neilson Library

The Students with Children Group will be getting together for a trip to the Belchertown Lake. We will meet in front of the Neilson Library at 10am; you can also just meet us at the lake. We will cover the admission fee so all you need to bring is food or money for the snack bar. All ages welcome. Please contact Kim Gillette or Amber Kelley for more information.

Sunday - June 26

After June 26

Writing Workshop - Surviving Your Thesis: A Strategies Workshop for Second Year Students

Wednesdays, July 6 and 20, 12:30-1:30pm, Seelye 307

This workshop will provide second year students with helpful tips for writing their theses. The format will be an informal discussion of successful strategies as well as a question and answer period. Participants need only attend ONE session.

Please feel free to bring your lunch!

Writing Workshop - Writing Clearly and Concisely

Monday, July 25 and Wednesday, July 27, 12:30-1:30pm, Seelye 307

This two-session workshop will focus on editing techniques for making social work writing more powerful and effective. Included will be discussion of active and passive voice, sexist language, and word choice. Participants should try to attend both sessions.

Please feel free to bring your lunch!

Administrative Announcements

Regalia Ordering FOR FACULTY

If you are attending Commencement, the deadline for ordering regalia from the Grecourt Bookshop is July 1. The school covers the cost of faculty regalia rental is you do not own your own outfit. When you place your order at the bookshop, please indicate to them that you are SSW faculty. Bookstore staff will require your height, cap size and weight to ensure a good fit. (Orders received after July 1 may incur additional shipping fees and the vendor cannot guarantee availability.) Regalia orders will arrive at the bookshop the week of August 15 to be picked up. Any rentals must be returned to the bookshop in their entirety within one week of graduation.

Summer hours at the bookshop are Monday - Friday, 9:00am-4:00pm; phone is 413-585-4140.

Counseling and Therapy Databases on Trial this Summer

Two databases of potential interest to social work students and faculty are currently on trial:

Counseling and Psychotherapy Transcripts, Client Narratives, and Reference Works

Counseling and Therapy in Video

The trials run through August 7, 2011. You may connect to these databases from this page:

We welcome your feedback; please use the feedback form on the Trial Databases page (see link above) or via this link:

Students Living on Campus - Fire Drill Notice

The college will be conducting fire drills on Tuesday, June 21, starting at 7:00pm in Friedman House and then going from dorm to dorm on an individual basis. Please follow the emergency procedure guidelines posted in each dorm. Thank you for your cooperation.

I.T.T. (Indoor Track and Tennis Facility) Closed

There is a roofing project underway at the I.T.T., so the facility is closed until further notice. Please check the Bulletin for an update on the status of the I.T.T.

Do Not Block Access Ramps with Bicycles!!

Please respect fellow students and staff by remembering not to park or chain bicycles to wheelchair access ramps. Campus police will be called to remove bikes parked in or chained to ramps. Students should contact Campus police if a bike has been removed. Thank you for your cooperation in making this campus an accessible place for everyone!

Library Sessions for SSW 160 (Social Policy)

To students in 160 (Introduction to Social Policy): Library sessions meet in the classroom on the first floor in Neilson. If you have not yet registered, see sign-up sheets behind the reference desk in Neilson or send an email to Sika Berger.

Session dates

Monday June 20 4:00pm - 5:30pm
Wednesday June 22 4:00pm - 5:30pm
Thursday June 23 4:00pm - 5:00pm


New web site bookmarks

The SSW has a new web site! This means that you should reset your bookmarks or favorites. For Current Students is now at Additional helpful information from the Office of Academic Support Services can be found under "Registrar" at

Commencement Regalia Information for Students

If you are attending Commencement, the deadline for ordering regalia from the Grecourt Bookshop is July 1. Master's regalia can be purchased for $76.00 for the entire outfit (cap, tassel, hood, and gown). The rental fee for a doctorate outfit is $44.00. Bookstore staff will require a credit card number to place your order as well as your height, cap size and weight; indicate whether you area an M.S.W. or Ph.D. candidate of SSW and provide your daytime contact information. Orders received after July 1 may incur additional shipping fees, and the vendor cannot guarantee availability. Summer hours at the bookshop are Monday-Friday, 9:00-4:00pm, and the phone number is 413-585-4140. Regalia orders will arrive at the bookshop the week of August 15 to be picked up. Any rentals must be returned to the bookshop in their entirety within one week of graduation.

Thesis Information

Thesis Submission Hours & Dissemination Information

For the week beginning Monday, June 20, Laurie Wyman will be available to receive your submissions in Lilly Hall, Room 211. Please remember the thesis deadline is Friday, June 24 at noon.


MON June 20 8:30am - 1:00pm and 2:15pm - 4:00pm
TUE June 21 8:30am - 1:00pm and 2:15pm - 4:00pm
WED June 22 8:30am - 1:00pm and 2:15pm - 4:00pm
THU June 23 8:30am - 1:00pm and 2:15pm - 4:00pm
FRI June 24 8:30am - noon THESIS DEADLINE DAY


Extra copies of materials handed out at the dissemination meeting on June 9 can be found outside Laurie's office (Lilly 218) for you to pick up. Please complete the Research Presentation Plans form and forward to Laurie ASAP.

General Notices

NASW Licensing Preparation Workshop

The Massachusetts chapter of the National Association of Social Workers is offering a test preparation workshop for licensing at the LCSW or LICSW levels. This workshop can be taken here no matter which state you plan to be licensed in.

The workshop will be Saturday, August 6, 9:00am-4:00pm in Seelye Hall. The cost for early bird registration is $100 for NASW members, $155 for nonmembers. Attendees have found this review quite helpful.

To register:

"Public Safety" is Now Campus Police

On June 1, Campus Police changed their name (formerly Public Safety) and their location. Campus Police offices are now in the Smith College Facilities building on 126 West Street.

Ongoing Events

Anti-Racism Task Force

Tuesdays, 12:30-1:30pm, Dewey Common Room

Come be a part of the commitment to our Anti-Racism Mission. The Anti-Racism Task Force has been the engine for many of the changes brought about at Smith SSW as we have along with our anti-racism commitment. The Task Force has been a very collaborative effort and a place where all constituents of the school have had a chance to work together.

Faculty liaison: Fred Newdom

Dean's Conversations

Fridays, 3:45-5:15pm, Cutter Living Room

The dean's conversation is an opportunity for any member of the SSW community to explore contemplative practices, as well as to bring forth issues and ideas of importance to our community.

Jewish Student Alliance (JSA) Weekly Meeting

Tuesdays, 12:45-1:30pm, Ziskind Living Room

Are you Jew-curious? come have lunch with the good folks of Jewish Students Alliance (JSA) and join in our continued curiosity and exploration of Judaism!

JSA embraces a full spectrum of Jewish experiences and identity, including those with a strong religious background, those for whom being Jewish is important culturally, those with little knowledge about being Jewish, and those students who wish to connect with an aspect of Judaism. The group's format is a weekly informal discussion on a topic related to being Jewish, and time set aside for planning events including speakers and community-building activities.