Announcing New Electives
Visiting International ScholarDrop-in Support Group at the Schacht CenterGender Neutral Lockers Available at the GymCampus Police Lost and FoundReminder about Elective Structure Requirements 3-2-2Introducing 2016 Chairs and CoordinatorsIntroduction of New Faculty MembersSSW is becoming fragrance-free

The Feedback Loop: Head Resident and First Aid Kit
The Feedback Loop: The Fragrance-Free PolicyThe Feedback Loop: In Regards to Sotomayor FellowsThe Feedback Loop Question & Answer: Anonymity of course evaluationsThe Feedback Loop Question & Answer: Classroom chair/desk accessibilityThe Feedback Loop Question & Answer: Email ListsThe Feedback Loop Question & Answer: Anti-Racism AssignmentThe Feedback Loop: Important Notice

International Scholars Dinner
Spanish Practice for Counseling Services2016 Public Lecture Series in Social WorkA Retirement Party for Three Esteemed Colleagues (8/4)SCMA Exhibit: Dislocation/Negotiating Identity: Contemporary Photographs from South and Southeast AsiaSCMA Exhibit: The Lay of the Land: Contemporary Landscapes from the CollectionZumba for POC (alternating Sat/Sun)ZumbaChair Massage

Writing Clearly and Concisely Workshop

Critical Conversations


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