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Smith College Studies in Social Work
Smith College Studies in Social Work

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The Smith College School for Social Work is one of a very small number of graduate schools across the country that publishes its own journal. The Smith College Studies in Social Work first appeared in 1930, 12 years after the school was founded, and is currently ranked in the top 10 percent of more than 300 social work journals published worldwide. The journal is housed at Neilson Library, Smith College.

Over its long and distinguished history, the journal has contributed significantly to the development of clinical knowledge, publishing manuscripts by a wide range of influential social work thinkers and practitioners. As a peer-reviewed publication, the Studies advances the School for Social Work's mission and serves as the school's voice within the larger professional community. The journal publishes manuscripts on all aspects of clinical social work theory and practice, emphasizing topics that are of particular interest to the faculty and that complement curricula initiatives.

In recent years, published manuscripts have discussed emerging theoretical paradigms, research and policy issues relevant to direct practice, therapeutic process, clinical teaching, supervising practice, culturally and racially attuned therapeutic work with diverse client populations and international reports on practice. During each of the past eight years, the Studies has published a book-length special issue devoted to a specific topic of signal importance to the profession.

Special Issues

Special issue topics have included: