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This quilt commemorates an interactive art installation that occurred in the summer of 2001, at the Smith College School for Social Work. Based on an invitation to respond to this event, participants expressed their sentiments on cotton strips, now woven into the quilt, representing a range of voices. The Class of 2002, the Anti-Racism Task Force and the Kahn Liberal Arts Institute cooperated to complete the quilt project.

Racism is a system of privilege, inequality, and oppression based on perceived categorical differences, value assigned to those differences, and a system of oppression that rewards and punishes people based on the assigned differences. It is manifested politically, socially, economically, culturally, interpersonally, and intrapersonally in the history of the United States.

Smith College School for Social Work promotes knowledge, values and skills that help students to identify, critically analyze and intervene against the injurious effects of racism. The School for Social work community fosters respect for diverse worldviews and for each other's equal place in the world. Self-reflection and deepening conversations about race influence practice, research and scholarship at the School.

Updated October 2011

Anti-Racism Orientation

Invitation to the School's Anti-Racism Mission