The Vale Grant is awarded annually to Spanish Majors participating in a Junior Year Abroad program in Spain.

There is one grant available for students who are completing only the fall semester abroad, another for students completing the entire academic year, and a third for students who will complete on the spring semester in Spain. The grant amounts range between $300 and $500 (US), and are awarded for a variety of projects: travel for research on a cultural event, for example.

Proposals should come in the form of a letter explaining the nature of the project, a working budget, and indicating the amount requested. Please make your requests in English as they will be forwarded to College Hall eventually.

Deadlines: Fall and full year requests: November 15; Spring semester requests: BEFORE April 15 each year.

Please address your Vale Grant request to: Professor Nancy Sternbach, Hatfield Hall, Smith College, Northampton, MA. 01063