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Patricia Miller
Associate Professor

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Pat Miller, a native Detroiter, studied sociology at the University of Illinois, Chicago Circle (A.B., 1970), the University of Wisconsin (M.S., 1972), and Northwestern University (Ph.D., 1976). Before coming to Smith, she taught at Northwestern University and at the University of Houston. She has also held senior research posts at the Institute for Juvenile Research in Chicago (1971–76), and the Institute for Urban Studies at Houston (1976–78).

An enduring research interest in socialization has culminated in work on delinquency, sex roles, adolescence, victimization and sexual behavior. A recent interest in technology and the public welfare culminated in two publications with M. R. Fowlkes, "Chemicals and Community at Love Canal" in Johnson and Covello (eds.), The Social Construction of Disaster (Dordrecht, Holland, Reidel); and "Unnatural Disaster at Love Canal" in M. T. Charles and J. C. K. Kim (eds.), Crisis Management (Springfield, Ill.: Chas. C. Thomas).

Current interests include opposition to capital punishment, the social construction of deviance and scientific fraud.

An enthusiastic feminist, Ms. Miller is committed to the belief that the education of women in the traditional liberal arts is a very radical activity.