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SGA & ORC Funds


A Universal Funding Application is now the only form needed to apply for funds click here. You will need to log into the Social Network to access the form. All funding request forms will now be submitted online.

Applications must be submitted by Monday at 4:00 p.m. to be heard the week they were submitted. Lates applications will be saved for the next meeting.

The ORC Chair and SGA Treasurer will present the request to their respective organizations for review and will be available for consultation and assistance to students during the entire funding process.

ORC Funding Polices

These funding policies will help you and your oganization better manage the event planning process, click here for the ORC Funding Policies. No retroactive applications will be accepted.

ORC Discretionary Fund

Available to any SGA chartered organization. Its purpose is to cover any expenses in addition to the money provided for the organization's July 1 to June 30 budget, as the ORC determines appropriate.

ORC Equipment Fund

Available to any SGA chartered organization. Its purpose is to cover any one-time expenses for equipment associated with the functioning of that organization, as the ORC determines appropriate. "One-time" expenses can include those that are necessary every five years or more.

SGA Conference Fund

  1. There are limited funds available for the Conference Fund:
  • Students should exhaust all other sources of funding before applying to the SGA Conference Fund.
  • Students must state whether or not they have applied and successfully received Conference Fund funding previously in the academic year for which they are applying.
  • Students must outline the differences between each application and explain the necessity for going to each event.

Based on these factors, you will likely not be allocated the total amount requested.

  1. Any Smith student can apply to receive funding to attend a conference that is taking place off campus.
  2. A proposal must be submitted in the application outlining a post-conference event (presentation, discussion, etc.) to bring the experience back to campus.
  3. Along with the fund application, additional documentation must be submitted regarding the conference itself, such as a photocopy of the registration form, a website address, a brochure, etc. Please click here to refer to the Travel Reimbursement Policy for detailed requirements.
  4. All receipts from the conference must be submitted to the SGA office within 10 days after you return, as must confirmation (room confirmation, advertisement, etc.) that a post-conference event (presentation, discussion, etc.) has been planned.

Note: If more than four members of a Smith organization are applying to a conference, please apply to the ORC Discretionary Fund.

SGA Sawyer Fund

  1. Any individual or organization in the Smith community may apply.
  2. The event must be held on the Smith campus.
  3. The event must be free of charge and open to all Smith students and the larger community.
  4. If bringing a speaker from outside of Smith:
  • Signed contracts with invited speakers should be filed in the Office of Student Engagement.
  • In order to receive payment from the Sawyer Fund, contracts must be submitted to the Student Bank in the Office of Student Engagement; however, it is highly encouraged to submit proposals before contracts are solidified so that you receive the appropriate level of funding.
  • Once your request has been approved, a member of the Office of Student Engagement can advise you on the managing of the logistics of your event, from locating the space to planning refreshments.