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SGA Committees

Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee chair organizes and informs the diversity representatives elected by every house, and acts as a student voice to the administration on subjects pertaining to social justice and diversity.

Elections and Appointments Committee

The Elections and Appointments Committee (EnA) organizes and runs the all-college and class elections. It runs the voting Web site and monitors the candidates. In addition, EnA interviews and appoints students to various college committees. Both the elections and committee appointments are held in the fall and spring semesters each year. The chair is elected in an all-campus election and the rest of the members are elected through senate.

House Presidents' Association

Meets every week on Tuesday nights, from 7 to 9 p.m.
The House Presidents' Association (HPA) is a body composed of the house presidents (HPs) from all Smith houses that are self-governing. It is dedicated to improving the house community experience—a unique part of student life and a tradition specific to Smith. The HPA addresses both the fun and not-so-fun aspects of Smith house community, while representing its interests to the SGA and the college administration. The house presidents are elected by an all house election in each house. The chair and vice chair of HPA are elected by HPA.

Organization Resources Committee

The Organization Resources Committee (ORC) serves as a source of support for all chartered organizations on campus. ORC is responsible for providing organizations with their annual budgets during the fall of each year and allocating funds from the discretionary fund and the equipment fund as appropriate. In addition, ORC is responsible for assisting organizations in planning and executing their events and guiding new organizations through the SGA chartering process.

ORC is funded by the student activities fee, and it is privilege as well as a responsibility to serve on this committee. ORC is here to help support and guide your organizations!


The organizations ORC serves include, but are not limited to:


ORC consists of the chair, vice chair of chartering, vice chair of budgeting, SGA president, SGA treasurer and ten liaisons. The ORC chair, vice chair of chartering, and vice chair of budgeting are elected by the student body in April of each year. ORC's liaisons can either be elected through senate or elected through the Elections and Appointments Committee in April of each year.