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Charter an Organization

If you have an idea for an organization at Smith that would have a lasting relevance to the community, and you believe that there's enough student interest to support such an organization, the Organization Resources Committee can help!

Consider These Questions

  1. Is there no existing organization with a similar purpose?
  2. Would the organization have a lasting relevance to the community?
  3. Is there enough interest on campus to support the organization?

If You Answered "Yes" to All Three:

  1. Meet with the Organization Resources Committee Vice-Chair of Chartingr. She will offer advice, explain the chartering process and provide sample charters so that you can begin thinking about the charter you will submit.
  2. Submit an electronic copy of your charter to the Vice-Chair of Chartingr,
  3. The ORC and Senate Rules Committee will help you revise your charter, which is then subject to the approval of senate.
  4. You will receive notice from the Senate Parliamentarian, about attending a hearing at a Senate meeting. This is your opportunity to present and defend your charter.
  5. Once approved, contact Tamra Bates about filling out recognition forms.

Forms & Templates

Use this form as an outline for creating a new charter. Attach it to your charter when submitting.

Chartering guidelines as specified by ORC and the SGA senate.