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Organization Resources Committee

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The Organization Resources Committee's (ORC) main initiative is to serve as a source of support for all chartered organizations. ORC provides these organizations with their annual budgets, distributed in the fall of each year; allocates monies from the Discretionary Fund throughout the year as appropriate; assists organizations in the planning and execution of events; guides new organizations through the SGA chartering process; and works on long-term projects that address the concerns and interests of organizations.


The ORC shall provide SGA support for all student organizations, extending resources and advice as well as approving monetary allocations.

The ORC shall work within the auspices of the priorities of the Student Government Association. These priorities include a commitment to diversity, social and leadership opportunities, student participation in the campus community, and student representation to the college administration and the board of trustees.

ORC Funding Policies

Funding policies for the Organization Resource Committee are now available at Funding Policies