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Appointed Committees

Smith College Council on Community Policy

Chair: Stacie Hagenbaugh, Director of Career Development Center

The Smith College Council on Community Policy is a broadly representative, deliberative group that meets to consider matters that concern the campus community. In its deliberations, and working in concert with others on campus as appropriate, the "College Council" addresses issues of common concern. Its mission concerns the well being of the community—its capacity for collegiality and the pursuit of the commonwealth while providing an excellent education to women.

Library Advisory Committee

Adviser: Chris Loring, Director of Libraries

The library committee meets once a week during lunch to discuss library issues such as the current renovations, study spaces, collections, etc. We also talk about some things that are not very pertinent to students, like academic journal prices. Nonetheless, student members have a great opportunity to submit your ideas about the libraries and present student opinions—for example we discussed extending Neilson's hours on weeknights, which happened this semester. Also, being on a faculty committee is a great way to get to know some professors and get an insight into the issues they have to deal with.

Organization Resources Committee

Adviser: Tamra Bates, Director of the Campus Center

The Organization Resources Committee's (ORC) main initiative is to serve as source of support for all chartered organizations. ORC achieves this by providing organizations with their annual budgets, distributed in the fall of each year; allocating monies from the Discretionary Fund throughout the year as appropriate; assisting orgs in any planning or execution of events; guiding new organizations through the SGA chartering process; and working on long term projects that address the concerns and interests of organizations.

The Information Technology Coordinating Committee

Contact: Herbert Nickles, ITS Executive Director

This committee has one student member who represents the student population at Smith. The ITCC meets 5-6 times a year during for lunch meetings on selected Tuesdays to discuss topics related to technology, including budgetary concerns, wireless access, classroom technology, fiber networks and long-term planning for updates. The student representative is an active member in the committee, both bringing and responding to issues before the committee. Issues for next year's committee are likely to include changing computer labs on campus, security systems, OneCard access and printing costs among many others. This position is important and ensures that students have a say in how campus technology is chosen and implemented!

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee is responsible for keeping the Senate and the campus at large informed of curriculum concerns and changes. The Committee publishes ASPECTS, assists the administration with the college's mandatory fauclty teaching evaluations, and holds forums to discuss timely educational policy issues. The Curriculum Committee serves as a resource for Academic Representatives and Department Liaisons.

Academic Honor Board

Contact: Julianne Ohotnicky, Dean of Students

The Academic Honor Board oversees that every student upholds the Smith College Honor Code. They hear cases of infractions of the code and vote on sanctions, ranging anywhere from a warning to expulsion. The board is busiest right when the student body returns to school in September and February, as most violations are reported during finals and reading period.

Advisory Board for the Resource Center on Gender and Sexuality

Contact: Patrick Connelly, Assistant Director of Student Activities

The role of the Resource Center is to provide a space at Smith that brings many different communities together. This board is looking for students would like to see the space foster more of a queer community as well as foster more activism here at Smith. The board is very interested in supporting the queer organizations on campus as well as forwarding Smith discussions on diversity.

Vendor Code of Conduct Advisory Committee

Contact: Tom Riddell, Dean of the First-Year Students

Smith College is committed to conducting its business affairs in a socially responsible manner consistent with its educational mission and commitment to diversity. To this end, we establish this Code of Conduct as a working document to guide vendor and institutional purchasers of apparel. We recognize this Code as a work in progress and anticipate that it will be revised through our active participation in the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC) and the Fair Labor Association (FLA). Smith College recognizes eight cardinal principles as the basis for effective performance under this Code of Conduct (Full Public Disclosure of Factory Addresses, Commitment to fair wages, Independent Monitoring, Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining, Safe Working Conditions, No Forced Labor, No Child Labor, Women's Rights). Smith College expects affiliated vendors and institutional purchasers to conduct their business in a manner consistent with these principles, and to follow workplace standards that adhere to this Code of Conduct.

Committee on Missions and Priorities (CMP)

The Committee on Mission and Priorities is made up of two student representatives, faculty, and administration who advise the President on long range strategic, financial, human and physical resource planning for the College's next decade. The committee solicits, generates, and reviews proposals for major projects and initiatives; assess progress in achieving the goals of current initiatives, and recommends priorities for the allocation and reallocation of resources. The Committee is encouraged to consult with every part of the Smith community on pertinent issues. The Committee meets regularly with the Committee on Academic Priorities, the Advisory Committee on Resource Allocation and the appropriate committees of the Board of Trustees to both inform the work of those committees and to be informed by them. Periodically the CMP reports its findings and recommendations to the Smith community at large. Meetings are generally once a month on Wednesday or Thursday afternoons. Two students (a junior and a senior) serve on the committee each with staggered terms of 2 years. Time Commitment: Two years. One rising junior appointment needed.

Committee on Investor Responsibility

Contact: Tom Riddell, Dean of the First-Year Students

Meets once a year with the Board of Trustees, in addition to five or six committee meetings to discuss Trustee Investments and committee recommendations. Students are referred to Becky Lindsey then the President's Office chooses.

The Sherrerd Teaching Prizes Award Committee

Contact: Hayley Spizz

The Kathleen Compton Sherrerd '54 and John J. F. Sherrerd Prizes for Distinguished Teaching is to be given annually to Smith faculty members in recognition of their distinguished teaching records and demonstrated enthusiasm and excellence.

Rally Day Committee

Contact: Pat Wheeler

Helps with planning activities, especially the Rally Day Show.