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Housing and Aid

Holding a position with Residence Life or having a nontraditional living arrangement can affect your financial aid.

Holding a Position in Residence Life

Holding a position with the Residence Life staff will impact your financial aid award. The aid adjustment will depend on the position.

Housing Coordinators (HCs) and House Community Advisors (HCAs) have their work-study award replaced with the HCA stipend. The stipend will be paid regularly during the academic year.

Head Residents (HRs) will have all loan and work components of their awards replaced with the Head Resident Grant and stipend. Students receiving need-based grant assistance from Smith College will see a reduction in their Smith grant assistance by the amount that the HR grant exceeds the level of self-help (loan and work).

How it Affects Your Financial Aid Award

Although this award adjustment will remove your existing loans from your award, both domestic students and international student have the option to request any loan eligibility they have remaining after the residence life award is factored in. Please contact us if you wish to determine your remaining loan eligibility.

Domestic students

Below is an example of how working as a Head Resident would affect your financial aid award (2013-14).

Self-help assistance:

Juniors & Seniors
Total self help$8,150

Need-based grant reduction:

Head Resident Grant $11,240
Head Resident Stipend (including January term funding) $3,170
Total assistance provided (total room and board cost $14,410
Minus self-help total (from above)$8,150
Grant reduction $3,090

International Students

Below is an example of how working as a Head Resident would affect your financial aid award (2013-14).

Self-help assistance:

Juniors Seniors
Total Self-Help$8,300$8,850

Need-based grant reduction for international students:

Head Resident Grant $11,240 $11,240
Minus Self-Help Total$8,300$8,850
Grant Reduction $2,940 $2,390

Nontraditional Housing Arrangements

There is a grant reduction when a student lives off campus, in a co-op or on-campus apartment, or with relatives.

How it Affects Your Financial Aid Award

Off-Campus Housing

If you move off campus, you will not be charged by the college for room and board. (2013-14)

Reduction in billed fees $14,410
Smith Grant reduction* $6,378
Net savings in billed fees $8,032

*If you will be living with relatives, we will use a different calculation to determine your grant reduction. Please contact us for details on your specific potential award adjustment.


Living in a co-op (Tenney, Hopkins, Friedman) results in lower charges and a reduced Smith Grant. (2013-14)

Charge for room $7,200
Smith Grant reduction $4,002
Net savings in billed fees $3,198

Please note: You will be charged by Smith only for the room; the cost of food is your responsibility.

Ada Comstock Scholars

Living off campus or in Ada housing will result in a lower grant than if you live on campus in traditional student housing. (2013-14)

Charge for a one bedroom apartment* $12,070
Smith Grant reduction $4,310
Savings in billed fees $7,760

*This is a housing charge only. The cost of food is your responsibility.