Admission Process

Application and Fee

Interested parents may submit the completed application form to the Office of Admission, along with the $40 application fee.

Parent Meeting and Tour

Please call the Office of Admission to schedule a tour of the school, classroom observation time and required meeting with the Director of Admission. During your visit you will learn about the Campus School and will have an opportunity to share information about your child.

School Records

We require that your child’s current school send copies of all pertinent records including any standardized test results or other evaluations. Please have your child’s current teacher complete the confidential applicant evaluation form and return it directly to us in the envelope provided.

Student Visit


The Office of Admission will contact parents of kindergarten applicants to schedule a kindergarten visit. Kindergarten visits are usually scheduled on a Wednesday afternoon in late February and early March. The children will spend time with our kindergarten teachers in planned activities in the classroom. Parents will be invited to meet with the Director of Admission and have an opportunity to review curriculum material.

First Grade

In February the Office of Admission will contact parents of first grade applicants to schedule a time to visit the school. Small groups of applicants will spend time with kindergarten and first grade teachers. Parents will be invited to meet with the Director of Admission and have an opportunity to review curriculum material.

Grades 2-6

The Office of Admission will contact parents of applicants to grades 2 through 6 to schedule a visit for their child. Applicants will spend a morning in a classroom of their peers and will meet with the classroom teacher to complete a short reading, writing and math activity.

Admission Deadlines

Applications for the following year are accepted from September 1. First consideration is given to applications received on or before March 1. Applications received after March 1 are considered as they arrive and as openings are available.

Admission Decisions / Enrollment

Parents will be notified in writing of the admission decision. Letters for kindergarten admission will be sent by April 1, and the admission letters for grades 1 through 6 will be sent by May 1. Enrollment materials included with the admission letter must be completed and returned with a $400 non-refundable deposit within a week of receiving the admission acceptance.

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First Graders study insects
News & Notices:
Open House on SATURDAY, JANUARY 24th, 9:30 am - 11:00 am for prospective kindergarten through sixth grade students and their families. For more information - click here

Our first graders are studying how insect adaptations solve problems within the environment. Insects must build colonies, cut leaves, haul materials, and defend themselves from predators. Our budding scientists study how insect bodies resemble the meshing parts of simple machines in order to fly like mosquitos, zip across water like a water strider, tunnel like ants, and cut, carry and chew vegetation. In addition, they are studying the insect drawings of the German artist Maria Sybell Merian and then studying insects and creating their own sketches. Click here for more.


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