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Welcome to the Smith College Campus School. For over eighty years the Campus School has been providing students with a challenging academic program in the context of a vibrant learning environment. Our website will give you a glimpse of our educational program and a feel for the kind of learning community that surrounds and supports the work of our students.

Our program and community are both enhanced by our work as a laboratory school for the Department of Education and Child Study at Smith College. Mentoring future teachers and attending to new developments in education with a “critical eye” are intrinsic to our work as a lab school. The ongoing reflection and articulation of practice required of teachers to fulfill our lab school mission results in a vigilance and purposefulness about both the academic program and the kind of learning community we create. Teachers’ engagement with and thoughtful incorporation of new information and ideas encourages the evolution of ever more effective curriculum and instruction in which teachers, and therefore students, have a vested interest. A sensitivity and commitment to a school culture and classroom community that support the academic program is heightened as teachers welcome future teachers into their classrooms to learn their “craft.”

In all of the above ways the fact that we are a lab school focuses our attention more sharply on the habits of mind and heart that our students need to develop to their full potential. We are committed to creating a learning community where children actively engage with subject matter and where they feel not only free but encouraged to take intellectual risks that lead to deeper understandings and the ability and confidence to apply what they know. Students come to know themselves as learners, engage deeply with peers and adults, and come to experience themselves as an integral and contributing member of their classroom and larger school community. We invite you to read about the Campus School and take a first look into our classrooms on our website.

We welcome visitors. The vitality of the school and the investment of our teachers and students in the work they do together is best understood when you “see us in action.” If you are part of our current or extended Campus School community, I hope you enjoy the enduring Campus School traditions and experiences you will see represented on our site and also see how we have continued to grow.

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Now accepting applications for kindergarten through sixth grade for FALL 2015. First consideration given to applications received on or before March 1st.  SCCS offers a newly expanded after school program and financial aid is available. Smith College employees receive discounted tuition. For more information - click here

 Group O worked with Professor Susan Voss and Smith’s engineering department to design, sketch, and then transfer their blueprints to AutoCAD to produce 2D and 3D designs. “We started by thinking about the math of a building,” said one of the sixth grade students. The designs were printed using a special laser printer that cuts shapes for 3-D models. Our sixth graders then assembled the models. “I felt like an architect! It’s cool to figure out how all the pieces fit together.”.Click here for more.


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