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Picture of Trustee Mentor Peggy Eisen with mentee Gloria Lee

The Smith College Trustee Mentor Program provides an opportunity to match members of the Smith College Board of Trustees with current Smith students in a mentoring relationship; providing insight and information, in an effort to broaden the experiences of both the trustee and mentees. The program is designed to support networking and provide a glimpse into student experiences and college operations.


  • Insightful
  • Informative
  • Broadening
  • Helpful, enabling
  • Self affirming
  • Inspiring



  • How to network
  • Understanding the college as a business
  • Understanding career tracks, and the narratives of a professional path to success
  • Using a Smith degree to your advantage
  • How to be accepted for your different identities


  • Understanding students in the 21st century, including:
  • The role of technology
  • The impact of cost of higher education
  • What it means to be an accessible college
  • What it means to be a student with multiple identities: race, ethnicity, first generation, athlete, ability, religion, etc.
  • Offering students the opportunity to understand the business world and how to engage in it and network
  • To help all students feel accepted within the tradition of Smith College
  • Understanding the role of the Board of Trustees and how the college functions
  • Understanding the trustees career paths

General Involvement

  • Mentors and Mentees will connect during board meetings in October, March and May, and at other times at the trustee's discretion and availability.
  • The Office of the Board of Trustees will set an annual gathering for mentors and mentees once a year.
  • Mentors will communicate and plan all other meetings directly with their mentee.
  • Mentor and Mentee match ups will be made in perpetuity. As students graduate and trustees leave the Board participants will be asked if they wish to continue and if so will then be offered a new match, as appropriate.


To learn more about the Trustee Mentor Program, contact Dean of Students Julie Ohotnicky at or 413-585-4940.


The Trustee Mentor Program is great! I wish I had met Arlene [Cohrs] my first year because it would have made a big difference. She has been a great support for me during the years because she has shared her stories with me, she truly believes in me, and is always willing to help me out professionally and personally. I wish each Smithie could have a mentor, it would be so helpful for many people.
- Cecilia Aponte

Picture of Arlene Cohrs and Cecelia Aponte at her house in London during a visit in Cecilia's Junior Year Abroad in London.