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Security Precautions for Students

Take responsibility for security in your campus house. Exterior doors to houses should be locked at all times, and doors to student rooms should be locked whenever the room is unoccupied and at night. Always question unfamiliar people who are inside or who are trying to enter the house. Visitors should be greeted at the front door. Report any problems with or malfunctioning of the house exterior porch phone to Facilities Management immediately, ext. 2400.

When walking, especially at night, use lighted and well-traveled roadways. In particular, avoid the athletic fields and path along Paradise Pond at night. Be cautious about walking the campus periphery at night. Jogging should be done during the daylight hours.

In general, you should walk in pairs or in groups, not alone.

Have your key ready to open the door as soon as you arrive at your destination.

Keep your friends informed of your plans and whereabouts when you are away from your house and especially when you are away from campus.

The campus has more than 80 blue light phones. Their use is not restricted to emergencies; use them to report incidents or suspicious people, or to ask for assistance or an escort. Simply lift the receiver or push the red button of any blue light phone. The phone will signal Campus Police automatically and direct someone to you.


(Note that this is only a partial listing)

  1. 10 Prospect Street, (Near main door of Cutter House)
  2. 150 Elm Street, (in front of 150 Elm St.)
  3. Ainsworth Gym (on building)
  4. Ainsworth Gym (solar)
  5. Albright House, (Near satellite gym entrance)
  6. Alumnae Gym
  7. Athletic Fields (by track)
  8. Athletic Fields (by pond)
  9. Baldwin (in between Alrbright & Baldwin)
  10. Boiler Plant
  11. Campus Center (Haven side)
  12. Capen Lot
  13. Chapel Lot
  14. Chapin Drive
  15. Chase House
  16. Chiller Plant
  17. Conway Lot
  18. Crew House
  19. Crew House/Boat House (solar)
  20. Cushing House
  21. ( Mandelle Road side)
  22. Cutter Drive
  23. Davis Center/ Mwangi
  24. Davis Drive
  25. Dawes House (on back side of this house / Conway Lot side)
  26. Dewey House
  27. Dickinson Lot
  28. Dryads Green/Wilder access road
  29. Emerson Arch
  30. ( Paradise Road side)
  31. Gill Campus School
  32. (Nearest State Street entrance)
  33. Gill Playground
  34. Gillett/ Northrop House (connecting porches)
  35. Grounds Garages (by fields)
  36. Health Services (by HP ramp)
  37. Health Services (by entrance)
  38. Hillyer Hall
  39. Hopkins Lot
  40. Hubbard
  41. ITT Lot
  42. King House
  43. (King/ Scales mini quad area)
  44. Lamont Bridge ( College Ln. side)
  45. Lamont Bridge (field side)
  46. Lyman Plant House
  47. Mandelle Lot
  48. McConnell Hall ( Tyler side)
  49. McConnell Hall ( College Ln. side)
  50. Morgan Hall (off Prospect St.)
  51. Paradise Road (at the crosswalk near Presidents Dr. & Paradise Rd.)
  52. Park House
  53. (facing the Admissions Office)
  54. Parking Garage on West Street (1 at the entrance, 1 on the lower level & 2 on each of the 4 levels)
  55. Parsons House
  56. (Facing the Friedman Complex)
  57. Sage Hall
  58. Scott Gym Lot
  59. Seeyle Hall
  60. Sessions Annex
  61. Stables (riding ring)
  62. Stables Lot
  63. Stables Lot (solar)
  64. Stoddard Hall
  65. Tea Hut
  66. Tenney House (Facing the President’s House)
  67. Tennis Hut
  68. Tennis Court Drive (by entrance)
  69. Tennis Court Drive (by apartments)
  70. Tilly Hall (by DPS building)
  71. Tilly Hall ( Henshaw Ave. side)
  72. Tilly Lot ( Lower Lot)
  73. Tyler Drive
  74. Wright Hall
  75. Ziskind Lot

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