Roommate Contract Form

Along with packing your entire life into boxes and lugging it up three flights of stairs, living on a residential campus can be one of the most exciting, rewarding, and sometimes frustrating experiences you will have at college. We all know living in a close-knit community is not always easy. There are many adjustments to living with your new roommate(s) and even housemates. Hoping to make your experience the best it can be, the Office of Residence Life has created the Roommate Contract.

The Roommate Contract contains a series of questions and scenarios you and your roommates can discuss to create a living situation that is comfortable for all of you. Please take a few minutes to go over the questionnaire and see what similarities and differences may arise.

Things to consider when filling this out:

  1. Be honest about your needs and concerns
  2. Keep an open mind
  3. Don't make assumptions. When in doubt, ask.
  4. Commit to making this relationship work
  5. Remember, your roommate(s) may be nervous too!
  6. If you need it, ask for help!

What room have you been assigned to


Please list all residents of the room

Getting Started

Where are you from? What type of place do you call home (big city, small farm, or somewhere in between?)

What size are your families? Are you each close with your families?

What are each of your intended majors? What type of schedules do you normally keep?

Have either of you had a roommate before? If so, what was that experience like?

What did you like most about living with another person? What did you like least?

What are some of your habits that make you each unique?

What are some behaviors that annoy each of you?

Everything is Not Common Sense

Just a few things you should know about each other as roommates.

Are you early or late night people? What is your agreed definition of "early" and "late"?

Are you each fairly quiet or loud?

Bedtime etiquette: When your roommate(s) is/are trying to sleep, is it ok to:

Talk on the phone
Play music
Study with the lights on
Have guests
Use the computer

What do you each do when you are upset or stressed?

How would you like to interact with each other when you are upset or stressed?

How do you each talk about difficult things that bother you?

How will you talk to each other when you do things that bother one another?

It's Study Time

Just a few things you should know about each other as roommates.

Where do you each envision doing most of your studying? (i.e. room, library, living room, etc.)

What times of day do you each usually study?

Do you each prefer complete quiet or background noise, like music/tv, when studying?

What type of environment can you NOT study in?

It's the Housekeeper's Semester Off!

Are you a neat or messy person? Will it drive you crazy to live in someone else's clutter? Is a messy desk and an unmade bed a problem?

Please describe how you will divide cleaning your shared space.

What is your plan to take out the trash?

Please describe your cleaning schedule.

Overnight Guests

What is an appropriate time frame for overnight guests to visit (weekends, weekdays, time limits)?

What is your agreement with having guests of the opposite sex in the room?

What is your agreement with having significant others stay in the room?

How much notice will you give each other (if you decide to do so) before an overnight guest comes to stay?

How will you handle people dropping by while someone is studying?


When living with others, you see a lot of personal stuff.

What types of behaviors do you feel it is off limits to talk about in front of others?

Have you configured the room comfortably for all residents?

Do you have equally shared space for everyone?

What's Mine is Not Necessarily Yours

What is your agreement on sharing your "stuff"?

What items are you comfortable sharing with each other?

Does sharing with your roommate also give them permission to share that item with a friend that they trust?

How will you resolve the issue when shared items are broken?

What is the timeframe for when something should be replaced?

Making Differences Work

We are all different people. How will each of you appreciate each other's differences?

Are there any spiritual traditions that you each will be practicing in the room?

What are some ways of compromising to make any differences manageable?

From the topics covered in this agreement, what are some areas you each feel you may have significant differences?

What are some ways you are each willing to compromise to make those differences feel less significant?

Anything Else

Based on your conversation, is there anything else that should be discussed or documented?

When something comes up and your roommate or you do something different than what you agreed on, how will you handle the situation?

More Information

For more information or assistance, please contact any of the following student leaders and/or staff members in your house/area:

  • Head Resident (HR)
  • House Community Advisor (HCA)
  • House President (HP)
  • Area Coordinator (AC)
  • Office of Residence Life
    Clark Hall, (413) 585-4940