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Summer Housing

IMPORTANT: The below information is for Summer 2015. We are currently revising our policies for the current year and will post updated information by April 1, 2016.

All students should be prepared to share rooms if necessary (single rooms will be assigned by class year). The required forms to apply for summer housing are available on the Forms and Applications page. Summer Housing sign up starts on April 15.


Recent graduates of Smith College and non-Smith students do not qualify for college housing. This means graduating seniors are not eligible for Summer Housing.

Payment & Fees

Fees for Wilder are per week, or any part of a week (Sunday through Saturday). There is no meal plan for this house, and the fee is for room only. Note the exceptions in Meal Plans below - some weeks at the begining and end of the summer, all students must be on the meal plan. Kitchen privileges in Wilder House are conditional based on the upkeep and sanitation of the kitchen. Students must provide their own cooking equipment and utensils.

The fees for room and board in Comstock, Sessions House and Washburn are per week, or any part of a week.

We have a custom calculator so you can figure out your summer housing costs! Use this link to estimate your total payment.

Your Responsibility

When you contract for the weeks requested by filling out the Summer Housing form, you are responsible for paying the full amount regardless of whether you stay the entire time or not. By signing up for a week, you are responsible for the total cost of that full week (Sunday through Saturday), regardless of when your checkout date is. You may not subtract weeks or change any weeks already contracted for, but you can always add weeks. The immediate week following can only be added through Wednesday of the preceding week (for example, on Thursday May 21, you can no longer request the week of May 24-30).

If you are unsure of the number of weeks you will need, please only sign up for the minimal amount needed and add later. Rooms will be inspected and any damages and/or cleaning charges will be assessed to you. If you don't return the keys to your room and/or the summer dining card, you will billed for the replacement cost of these items.

Meal Plans

You must be on a meal plan if you are to live in a meal plan house. It is not an option to move out of a meal plan house and into a nonmeal plan house or vice versa.

Breakfast and lunch can be purchased at Campus Center Café Monday through Friday.

If you have any dietary concerns, please contact Kathy Zieja at 585-2300 or kzieja@smith.edu.

Meal Plan

The summer meal plan is $148: 5 dinners per week (Mon-Fri) plus $50 on your OneCard to use to purchase breakfast and lunch in the Campus Center Cafe. There are no weekend meals.

There are 16 weeks in the summer. Some weeks have exceptions to the meal plan rules as follows:

Rules and Regulations

Long-term "guests" are considered an abuse of this privilege and could result in cancellation of the student's contract. Rooms will be inspected and damages or cleaning charges will be assessed.

Special Note: Summer Programs Housing

Summer Program Housing is non-elective housing related towards participation, usually as a leader, in a Summer Program. Summer Programs have their own housing coordinated separately. Housing for a program coordinated by the Summer Programs office is not the same as Summer Housing provided through residence life. Please clarify with your program director to see if your housing is through Summer Programs, or if you need to pay for elective housing through Summer Housing in residence life. Summer Programs are coordinated by Smith Non Degree Programs, a division of the College Relations Office located at 30 Belmont.