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Break Housing & Storage

Break Housing

Students who wishes to stay on campus for vacation must complete a break housing request form. The form is a contractual agreement between the permanent residents of the room and the vacation occupant. This is to ensure that all involved parties are in agreement with the conditions of occupying the room during break.

Students whose house is not open and need to stay during the break will need to make arrangements with friends or other students in the houses that are open to stay in their room and to obtain a key.


Fall Break

All houses are open for fall break. You do not need to apply to stay in housing during fall break.

Thanksgiving and Spring Break

You will find that generally most students leave campus for Thanksgiving and spring breaks. Due to the decreased number of students on campus many of the houses are closed for the break. The following list of houses are those that remain open:

  • 150 Elm
  • 44 Green Street
  • 54 Green Street
  • 47 Belmont
  • Albright
  • Baldwin
  • Cutter
  • Friedman Apartments
  • Gardiner
  • Gillett
  • Haven (not Wesley)
  • Hopkins
  • Lawrence
  • Morris
  • Northrop
  • Park and the Annex
  • Sessions and the Annex
  • Talbot
  • Tenney
  • Ziskind

If you live in a house that is not open and need to stay during the break, you will need to make arrangements with another student in the houses that are open to stay in their room and to obtain their room key. Front Door OneCard Access will change on all houses for breaks. If you have completed a Thanksgiving or Spring Break Housing request and have been approved to stay, you will have access to the house you are staying in during the break. The cost for spring break 2015 is $80, and students will have the option to apply for aid on the request form.

Winter Break

All houses, including Friedman Apartments, close from 10 am December 20, 2014 until 1 pm January 4, 2015. Winter break housing is only available to you if your permanent address is an address outside of the United States. International students can find more information at the Office of International Students and Scholars Web site.


If you wish to stay on campus for Thanksgiving or spring break, you must complete a break housing request form online (available on the Forms and Applications page). This form will become available several weeks before the break.


Housing Cost

The cost of break housing is different for each break. The cost will be added to your student account after break. There is financial assistance to those who qualify, which will be based on your financial aid package. If there are extenuating circumstances that are not reflected in your financial aid package, please schedule an appointment with Hannah Durrant, associate director of residence life or Becky Shaw, director of residence life.

Break Keys

OneCards will be used to access the front door. You are responsible for keys borrowed for break. Lost break keys result in the usual key charges of $110 ($50 for a core replacement, $30 for a replacement key, $30 for a replacement tag key). Don't forget that if you lose the key for a double room, you also have to pay the cost of the roommate's replacement key (an additional $30, for a total of $140).