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Our History

"Religion helps us to find the meaning of life. It speaks to the dignity of the individual. It proclaims the undeveloped potential that is in us. It bids us take courage and move forward with confidence.

"It also offers guidance in moral conduct and values by which to live. Some people carry their religion on their shoulders like a burden, and others in their hearts like a song. Fortunately no man can rob us of the experiences by which we have gained wisdom of the truth that we have found for ourselves, or the inspiration of great friendships, nor the courage that comes from knowing we are right."

–remarks by Helen Hills Hills at the dedication of the chapel in 1955

Time Capsule Discovered

2009: As facilities management personnel were installing equipment for a new air conditioning system at the chapel, the discovered a compartment designed for a time capsule. The compartment had been noted on the chapel's blueprints, and a cornerstone marks the chapel's entrance with an engraved "1955," the year the building was completed, implying a place for one.

Restructuring of the Office

2010: The Office of Religious & Spiritual Life restructured in 2010. Read Dean Walters's white paper (PDF) on the changes of religious and spiritual life at Smith College, as well as: