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How to Register

New REG codes are assigned for each registration period. Students must obtain their new codes from their advisers. Detailed instructions on how to register through our BannerWeb online registration system are posted here:

Please note: By using the BannerWeb online registration system, students do so with the understanding that they have met and consulted with their advisers about their course programs and have processed any course selections or changes in accordance with the adviser-approved plans for course registration. It is the responsibility of both student and adviser to plan a course program that will lead to successful completion of all degree requirements.

Instructions for Registering

During Advising and Registration (November and April)

  1. Review the Course Catalog, Schedule of Classes and Policies & Guidelines
  2. Schedule an appointment with your adviser to discuss your course program (see Advising & Registration Schedule)
  • In preparation for your appointment, complete a Registration Worksheet (PDF). Be sure to include all CRN numbers of the courses you are planning to take
  • Be sure that you have checked your log-in
  1. Check BannerWeb for holds on your account. Access the "View Holds" option from the Student Records menu. You will not be able to register if you have a hold.
  2. Register! You will need a REG code from your adviser to access registration through BannerWeb. Advisers are sent new REG codes each registration and add/drop period. All course registrations require approval of the adviser.
  1. Verify your registration by viewing your course schedule for the coming semester on BannerWeb.

If you are planning to enroll in a Five College course, please be sure to submit your request through BannerWeb before the end of the registration period. Information and instructions are posted at the Five College Registration page.

During the Add/Drop period – the first two weeks of classes

Students may register or add/drop courses online through BannerWeb beginning the first day of classes.

Students are responsible for the accuracy of course registration and for processing changes by the appropriate deadlines. Students and advisers will not be permitted access to make changes online after the close of the add/drop period.

Students should take the following steps to confirm their course schedules and finalize registration for the semester:

  1. Log on to BannerWeb and print a copy of your course schedule. Check to see if there are any holds on your account by accessing the "View Holds" option from the Student Records Menu. Students will not be permitted to make changes if there are holds on the record.
  2. Review the academic rules and regulations at Registration Guidelines and the procedures for BannerWeb registration.
  3. Attend classes to confirm enrollment or to obtain permission to register.
  4. Obtain any required instructor permissions. Courses with restrictions (instructor permission, limited/waitlisted, and special studies) may not be added online. Complete a waiver or special studies form and obtain required signatures.
  5. Schedule an appointment to meet with your adviser for final approval of your course program and to obtain your registration code. New REG codes are assigned to all students at the beginning of each registration period and are sent to advisers. All course changes at this time require approval of advisers.
  6. Make your changes online through BannerWeb and/or submit your waiver/special studies forms to the Office of the Registrar by the end of the first two weeks of classes.

After the Add/Drop period

Course changes made after the first two weeks of classes require the approval of the instructor, adviser and class dean/graduate director, and must be submitted on signed add/drop forms.

Students who are not registered for any classes by the end of the first ten days of classes will be fined $35. In addition, there is a $35 late fee charged for any approved petition to add or drop a course after the deadline.

Worksheets & Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for answers to frequently asked questions about registration.