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Returning to Smith

Next semester, classes will begin on Thursday, September 4, 2014. As a readmitted student, you are invited to participate in orientation events and you should check the Student Affairs Website for more information. 

Houses are open for all returning students beginning on TBA. Keys can be picked up at Clark Hall from 9am-4pm. If you plan to arrive after normal business hours, please contact the Office of Residence Life to arrange for key pick-up.

Returning students with outstanding business with any office on campus will need to contact or stop by those offices as soon as possible upon arriving at Smith.

As a readmitted student, if you are able to meet with your adviser prior to the start of classes, you will be permitted to register through BannerWeb starting on TBA at TBA, and will have the first two weeks of classes to make changes to your schedule. General information about the registration process and the fall schedule of classes are available on our webpage.

In order to register through BannerWeb, you will need both a PIN and a registration code (obtained from your adviser). If you don’t know your BannerWeb PIN or have problems logging in, bring your Smith ID to the registrar’s office to have your PIN reset.

In preparing to register, you should arrange to meet with your adviser (as listed on your acceptance letter) to discuss your course program. Your adviser will have access to your registration code a couple weeks before the semester starts. However, please note that your adviser will not necessarily be on campus and available to meet prior to the beginning of classes. Remember that you will have the first two weeks of classes to ADD/DROP courses online.

If you have a declared major, the chair of your department will also have the registration code which you will need to register. If you have not declared a major, your liberal arts adviser and your class dean will have the code that you need to register. If you will be declaring/changing your major, you may wish to contact the chair of the appropriate department for assignment to a new adviser. We also suggest that you make an appointment with your class dean to discuss your academic plans.

We are looking forward to your return to Smith College. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions at (413) 585-2558 or registrar@smith.edu.