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Mid-Semester Grades

Each semester instructors are asked to inform the class deans of any students who are doing unsatisfactory work in their courses. Mid-semester grades are submitted online through the Smith Portal/BannerWeb, or in writing to the registrar's office, or directly to the class deans.  If necessary, instructors may contact the registrar's office to request paper grade forms.

Please see the calendar for deadlines.

Instructions for entering grades online are available at Faculty Web User Documentation.

Policies & Guidelines

Mid-semester grades are very important to the class deans in monitoring academic progress and alerting them to potential problems. Reports of mid-semester grades are required for only those students whose performance in a course to date is unsatisfactory. Any student receiving an unsatisfactory mid-semester grade for any reason will be contacted by her class dean to discuss her performance or registration.

Mid-semester grades of "U" should be submitted to indicate any of the following levels of performance:

  • Letter grades below C-
  • Not attending class
  • Never attended course
  • Assigned work not submitted

Whether submitting grades online or via regular mail, instructors are asked to adhere to the above deadlines. If unable to do so, they should call or email the appropriate class dean regarding any students who are experiencing problems.

Instructors of writing intensive courses are asked to submit one of the following grades for each student in the course:

  • S (student is performing satisfactorily
  • WI (student is performing satisfactorily but shoud take another WI course)
  • U (student is performing unsatisfactorily)

Students who are attending courses but are not officially registered should be directed to see their class deans to correct their registration. Course registration after the third week of classes requires petitioning the Administrative Board for permission to enter a course after the deadline. Registration for an incorrect course section may be adjusted by the registrar and students should be instructed to go to the registrar's office to make the necessary change.

Final Grades

Final grades are submitted electronically through the Smith Portal/BannerWeb. Instructions for entering grades online are available at Faculty Web User Documentation.

Deadlines for submitting grades are set by faculty code.

Adherence to deadlines is vital, particularly those for seniors. If senior grades are not submitted by the appropriate deadlines, students may be excluded from the formal publication of honors and/or consideration for departmental prizes.

Grade Restrictions

Acceptable grades at Smith College are A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, and E. An E is used to indicate a failure and no grade higher than an A will be recorded. Instructors are asked to submit regular letter grades for all students regardless of grading option. The grades for those students who have chosen the S/U option will be converted automatically. Further information about the Smith grading system can be found at the provost/dean of the faculty Web site.

Missing Grades

Incompletes are not acceptable. Any grade left blank will be recorded as a missing grade and will be calculated as a failure. If a student is registered but never attended or stopped attending, a failing grade should be recorded.

Year-Long Courses

Grades in year-long courses designated by a "D" are cumulative. The grade assigned at the end of the spring semester will replace the temporary grade assigned in the fall semester. The grades for those year-long courses designated by a "Y" are recorded separately for each semester.

Unsatisfactory Grades

In order to assist a student's class dean and adviser, instructors are required to submit explanations of grades of D and E for first-year students and sophomores, or only grades of E for juniors and seniors. Instructors can enter D/E comments online when recording grades.  If necessary, instructors should use the the following D/E comments form to submit written comments to the class deans.

Five College Grades

Grades for Five College students should be reported in the same manner as for Smith students. Official notification to the student's home campus will be sent by the registrar's office at Smith.


The class deans notify instructors of any students granted permission to take make-up examinations. Make ups for self-scheduled exams are administered through the registrar's office and students must make arrangements with the registrar to complete them by the date set by the class dean. If a student fails to take an examination and does not have an official extension from the class dean, instructors should record a failing grade for the examination and calculate a course grade on that basis.

Incomplete grades are not acceptable.

Grade Changes

Once grades have been recorded by the registrar, they may only be changed by vote of the Administrative Board. Requests should be directed to the chair of the Administrative Board. This same rule applies to Five College students taking Smith courses.

Grade Reports

Grades become available for viewing online immediately following the deadline for grade submission. All grades must be received by the deadline in order to allow sufficient time for processing. Paper copies of grade reports are no longer provided and are only available online through BannerWeb. Students are directed to contact instructors for missing grades.