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Trial Registration

July 25 - August 5, 2016

Congratulations on your decision to enroll at Smith College! We look forward to meeting you in September and are very excited to offer you the opportunity to participate in a trial course selection process.

Trial registration is not official registration; it is simply an indication of your course preferences. This exercise will help familiarize you with the Smith College registration policies and procedures while providing useful information to your adviser about your academic interests. Since you will be registering on your own after meeting with your adviser in September, it is important that you have some practice with the system so that official registration proceeds smoothly.

Follow These Steps

  1. In the "Making the Most of Smith" booklet, read the section on Advising and Curriculum: Preparing for Advising-the Liberal Arts Model, and complete the Curricular Planning Worksheet.
  2. Search for fall courses using the online catalog and schedule of classes.
  3. Further information about specific departments and programs can be found in the department descriptions.

    The Smith College course catalogue is available online and is searchable in several ways, including term and subject. Please be advised that course information for interterm and spring is not yet available. The online version is updated periodically throughout the year to reflect changes in course offerings.

    The Schedule of Classes offers more specific information concerning courses offered in a particular term and displays such information as meeting times, instructors, limits and restrictions. You will receive a printed copy of the schedule when you arrive on campus in September. The online version is updated as changes occur. The schedule of classes also includes CRN numbers, which are needed for entering your selections online for the trial registration exercise.

  4. Review information about departmental placement tests.
  5. Prior coursework may make you eligible to enroll in higher-level courses.

    Please note: Some placement exams are offered online.  Exams in French, German and Spanish, and a portion of the Chinese exam are offered online during the summer and must be completed before students arrive on campus. Please consult the departmental placements page for more information.

  6. Study the registration policies and procedures.
  7. Complete a registration worksheet (PDF).
  8. Enter your course preferences.

    Access the Smith Portal.

    Log in using your network username and password. In the portal click on My Student Info tab, click on Registration under Academics.

    The term is Fall 2016-17 and the REG Code is "999999."
  9. Normally, students obtain their REG codes from their advisers to signify consultation and approval of their course programs. You will receive a new REG code from your adviser when you arrive in September for Fall registration.

If you experience problems processing your trial registration, try using a different browser.  Firefox or Internet Explorer are recommended.

Because this is not official registration, you will be able to select courses for which you may not be able to officially register in September. For example, during this course selection process you will be allowed to select courses that are currently full, have prerequisites or require permission. You will also be able to enter as many course selections as you wish, but we do ask that you limit your choices to five or six.


Access to the online course selection process will remain open for approximately four weeks. Do not worry if you are not able to enter your choices during this time as participation is not a requirement. If you have other questions or problems with BannerWeb, please call 1-800-835-7800, option 2.