Office of the President

Smith College educates women for the world.

This means that Smith graduates are primed and ready for leadership. They have the confidence and skills to step forward with the ideas and solutions that make communities stronger and the world better. This has been true for more than 135 years, making Smith the destination college for smart, thoughtful, ambitious women seeking a transformative education.

We meet the high expectations of today’s students in profound ways, providing a truly global educational experience in which students are encouraged to study in and work with cultures different from their own. Our faculty members don’t simply stand at the front of a classroom and lecture. They are active learning partners, offering opportunities for students to contribute meaningfully to research projects off campus and in the field. Our alumnae—a vast global network of fiercely intelligent women—serve as mentors, exemplifying the ways women can make a difference. The results have been impressive. Smith is a national leader in its number of Fulbright fellowships. Among liberal arts institutions, Smith is one of the top recipients of National Science Foundation funding. Our alumnae have broken barriers and changed the landscape for women everywhere.

The work Smith does, the education we provide, the skills we impart are more important than ever. The world needs more women leaders, and Smith is where they learn and grow. This, then, is our promise: every student will graduate from Smith feeling empowered to lead at every level of society with unshakable confidence, a strong voice, and a deep awareness of her value to the world.

Kathleen McCartney
President of Smith College