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The Board of Prehealth Advisers offers periodic webinars on the application process to health profession schools and occasional other prehealth topics. Alumnae and students studying off campus are encouraged to take advantage of this presentation format.

November 21 - The Application Process with Committee Letter (Katie Lipp, presenter)
This presentation will orient upcoming applicants to the process of requesting a committee letter of evaluation from the Board of Prehealth Advisers. All students who will apply to medical (MD/DO), dental, optometry or podiatry school, to enter in the fall of 2016, are expected to attend this presentation. Students who will enter one of these professional schools after fall 20106 are also welcome to attend. Those planning to apply to a professional school not listed above do not need to come to this presentation.

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Recorded webinars:

Personal Statements and Other Primary Application Essays (for the 2014-2015 application cycle)