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Board of Prehealth Advisers

The members of the Board of Prehealth Advisers are appointed by the president of the college and work closely with the staff of the Lazarus Center for Career Development.

Kevin Shea, Chair
Associate Professor, Chemistry

Nalini Easwar
Professor, Physics

Daryl Gehman
Assistant Director, Lazarus Center for Career Development

David Gorin
Assistant Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Adam Hall
Associate Professor, Biological Sciences & Program Director of Neuroscience

Leslie Jaffe, M.D.
Director of Health Services

Katie Lipp
Program Director for Health Professions and Mentoring Programs

Beth Powell
Senior Lecturer, Psychology & Neuroscience

Christine White-Ziegler
Professor, Biological Sciences & Biochemistry



The Board provides advice to help you prepare to successfully apply for admission to professional school. We can advise on appropriate courses to take, balancing academic and extracurricular work, developing a timetable to allow you to achieve the goals you have in mind, and—when the time comes—we guide you through the application process.

All of the members of the Board of Prehealth Advisers are pleased to talk with you. If you're not absolutely sure you want to pursue a career in the health professions, or if you're sure but are wondering about the timetable you should follow, feel free to set up a meeting with one of us. All conversations are confidential.