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Letter to GC


I say most sincerely and desperately, HAPPPY NEW YEAR!

Having rowed a little farther away from the cliff

Which is my kind of religion

Adrift in the darkness but readying oars

How can there be too many stars and hands, I ask you



I would be disingenuous if I said “being understood”

       is not important to me

Between the ceiling of private dream and the floor of public   


Between the coin and the hand it crosses

Mercantilists’ and governors’ and preachers’ alike

The imagination and its products so often rebuff purpose

And some of us don’t like it, and want to make it mean

I would never shoot you, even if you were the only meat




Anyway, snow-bound sounds gorgeous and inconvenient

Like the idea of ending on the internal rhyme of psychics

       and clients

Though I too privilege the “shiny”

And of course, I want to be approved of, so much

Despite the image I’ve been savoring, the one of the self-

       stitching wound

Yes, I want to write that self-healing wound poem, the one
        with cocoon closed up with thorns

We are getting such lovely flourishes from our poets

Fathomless opportunities for turning literacy into event

It’s the drama of feeling we find such an aesthetic problem,
            these days







From SKY BURIAL (Copper Canyon Press, 2011)









    Poetry Center Reading:
    Fall 2010