splash cold water over me then
walk around my heart clenched in your two fists then
spread out my four limbs with a wooden roller then
thrash me down on asphalt then
let a bus roll over me, a tank roll over me then
if it gets tedious
sprinkle a fine powder
and fix up my face then
appear with a deep blue knife
and quilt every inch of my scalp then
discard it into boiling water then
shake and pull out from the water my hair that has turned white
ppppp then
stir tasty dressing over my hair and eat it like yum yum noodles
ppppp in broth
during one summer afternoon is


(Translated from Me Korean by Don Mee Choi)

from PRAIRIE SCHOONER, Winter 2002


Poems by Kim Hye-sun


Regarding Love

A Song