1999 saw the celebration of Ruth Stone's eighty-fourth birthday and the publication of her eleventh book, Ordinary Words, winner of the Eric Mathieu King Award from the Academy of American Poets. A Virginia native and professor of English at the State University of New York, Binghamton, Stone is the recipient of many honors, including the Bunting Fellowship, Guggenheim Fellowships, the Delmore Schwartz Award, the Shelley Memorial Award, and the Cerf Lifetime Achievement Award from the state of Vermont, where she has lived for many years.

The poet Sharon Olds calls Stone's work "dazzling, original, fearless, funny, and deeply moving." Southern Illinois Press recently published a book about her life and work, The House Is Made Of Poetry, edited by Sandra M. Gilbert and Wendy Barker. Stone's work is highly accessible and provocative, and crosses lines of class, race, and age. Her other collections include Second-hand Coat (David R. Godine) and Simplicity, published by Paris Press, the feminist press based in Ashfield, MA., which also published Ordinary Words.


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