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The Well of the Outstretched Hand

A Place Apart

Robert Burns' Mither at the Well

  Valerie Gillies

A Place Apart
Grant's Braes, East Lothian

Ah'm gaun tae the well
wi my stoups,
hummin a sang.
Mony words, muckle drouth.

Ah mind anither well
ayont the braes
years an years back
the length o Alloway.

Ma bairn at knee-hicht,
he wisna twa year auld,
paidlin in the well-strand,
crawin gey bauld.

He gied a first seuch
o fontal words
that flowed sae free,
like only bird.

A clear mouth has aye
its well-heid.
Puir lad, he's awa
whaur the well's niver dry.

THE SPRING TELLER (Luath Press, Ltd, 2009)






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