Educated at Harvard and at Cambridge University, Mary Jo Salter is celebrated for her inventive uses of traditional forms and has received many awards, including a recent year in France on an Amy Lowell Poetry Traveling Scholarship. Salter is author of four collections, Henry Purcell in Japan (1985), Unfinished Painting (the 1989 Lamont Selection for the year’s most distinguished second volume of poetry), Sunday Skaters (1994), and A Kiss in Space (1999), as well as a children’s book, The Moon Comes Home (1989). Carolyn Kizer wrote of A Kiss in Space: “These are poems of breath-taking elegance: in formal control, in intellectual subtlety, in learning lightly displayed.”

An editor of The Norton Anthology of Poetry and an Emily Dickinson Lecturer in Humanities at Mount Holyoke College, Salter lives in South Hadley, Massachusetts, with her husband, the writer Brad Leithauser, and their two daughters.


Poems by Mary Jo Salter


The Twelfth Year

Young Girl Peeling Apples
(Nicolaes Maes)

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